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don't want to do this, but he gets you there.

The following blog entry contains discussion of exercise, weight management, and calories. May be triggery for some people! Page down now!

So as of today, I am claiming to have lost one hundred pounds. My weigh-in this A.M. was 189.5 lbs, which was after exercise, but hey--that half pound of water weight is sometimes what gets me out the door in the morning. I'm guessing, but I think my peak weight--sometime in 2004--was around 290. Size 22 jeans, anyway, and feet that swelled up at the drop of a hat.

Today was a light day--the dog and I walked 2.3 miles--but there will be climbing tonight. It was originally scheduled as a rest day, but--climbing! So tomorrow will be the rest day instead, and I will run 5.5 miles Saturday.

Somehow, I have become the kind of douchebag who jogs with her phone in an armband, and casually says, "I will run 5.5 miles Saturday." And I don't actually mind.

I still have somewhere between 25-35 pounds to lose to hit my goal weight (the plan is to get to 165 and take a hard look in the mirror--less is better for climbing, but not for maintaining muscle and bone. So there's a balancing act.) But today I retired two pairs of size 14 jeans for being too big (they were particularly generously cut), and most of that remaining excess is the not-terribly-unhealthy lower-belly-and-thigh-fat. So it slows me down, but it's probably not killing me.

I am forty years old and can run five miles, turn a cartwheel, do a handstand (against a wall), and climb 5.9 (badly, right now, but it'll come back. It's coming back fast.). My blood pressure is good, my cholesterol is awesome, and the other day I got a resting heart rate of 58.

Not too shabby, Bear. Okay, it was three years of intermittent faffing about and five years of consistent hard work to get here... but I plan to be a lot healthier at 43 than I was at 33. And by the end of this year, I should be able to put my diet back on maintenance footing. I'm looking forward to that.

My remaining fitness goals are to climb solid 5.10 and run a nine-minute mile. I got a 10-minute mile earlier this week. (Heh. A.P. style still infests my writing. Hey, has Jasper Fforde named a character A.P. Style yet, or is that too American?)

I was working on pushups, but they interfered with climbing and yoga, and one of the things about getting older is accepting that yes, the shoulder that I separated at twenty-one and then strained the rotator cuff on fifteen years later is, in fact, irreparably fucked up, and I am going to have to work around its fuck-uppedness for the rest of my life. So now I save its strength for non-repetitive things that actually matter to me, like climbing.

The upper body strength from climbing does wonders for my archery, by the way.

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