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We'll make great pets--

In an enormous moment of auctorial vindictiveness, I have just given a head cold to a character who is stuck on a space station.

If I suffer, everybody suffers.

Cool things via google:

Carcharocles megalodon

Some shark.


Scardown progress notes

New words: 2,015
Existing pages edited today: 60
Current MS Page: 114 of 445
Reason for stopping: Both quotas fulfilled.

I'm one of those rare, weird-ass writers who underwrites my drafts. Sometimes it seems like everybody else on earth has to cut 15% from the final draft.

I have to add it.

I think it's because I'm an almost completely intuitive thinker, and leaps of logic that seem obvious--inevitable--to me, seem freaky to most other people. So I always have to go back and establish the logic chain.

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