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bear by san

December 2021



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ukulele banish evil

Things to do on Monday:

Mail two books and a set of contracts
Read a lot of things
Sleep a lot
Sweep the floor
Brush the dog
Watch that Criminal Minds episode from two weeks ago I haven't found time for yet. :-P

...yep, I'm trying for two Rest Days in a seven-day period. I know. Crazy talk.


Good. Hope you have a relaxing day.


Sorry, but I had to ask...
Do you eat Clif Bars?
I had to try them after re-reading some Shadow Unit and, in my non-beta opinion, they are quite unpalatable.
Maybe they taste better when one is really really HUNGRY....

Re: comment

As energy bars go, they're not bad. The mint brownie ones are best. And the Luna Protein chocolate peanut butter bars are tolerable.

But no, nobody eats Clif bars because they taste good.
Just wanted to say that my OTHER local Barnes and Noble had copies of "Range of Ghosts" and I am 3/4 of the way through it and oh my God. Thank you for writing this book. It rocks.

/ends interrupting your rest day with incoherent fangirl squee of this book
Oh, phew. I was starting to worry that B&N just wasn't carrying it. Which would suck.
Question: have you heard, or heard about the new Ian Anderson album?
Heard about. Also, Thick as a Brick Part II.
TAAB2 is the one I'm thinking of. Was curious. Listening to it reminded me of you.
Haven't heard it yet but have every intention of picking it up when I get paid.

in the Mythical After Time. After Money. You know.

(The writer's life.)
Oh, I know what you mean. I based my review of the album on the free stream they did of the album for one day last week on Facebook. I still need real monies to go pick up my actual copy, too. Right now, I'm in limbo waiting for monies to happen as well. *sigh*