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we all are our own dear coffin

Last night was a pretty good climbing night. Tried a bunch of stuff that was just at the edge of my abilities, and got up a new route that I had done once before. It's rated 5.9+, but I think it's a soft rating. Tried another 5.9+ and could just about start it. I'm rocking the 5.8s, though, and getting stronger on overhangs than I have ever been.

Today, sadly, is not a Rest Day. I will be doing yoga and tabata here in a moment, and then it's a thrilling day of housework and work work. Still, I'm feeling pretty positive about this whole me thing this week. What a pity it takes us forty years to figure ourselves out and realize that we need to quit dicking around...

Things to do:

Grocery store
Cook dinner
Wash dishes
Fold laundry

Brush dog

Another thrilling day in the life of a writer. *g* See you on the other side of it.

Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, honeydew

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