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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

she said, "we rolled that camaro like a cowboy's cigarette."

Oh yeah.

So I'm sitting on the couch, having declared tomorrow a Rest Day (I'm trying to be better about those and have two a week like normal people) and I'm thinking oh, I should read the book I'm reading. But I don't feel like reading, or watching the new Criminal Minds (I finally watched the last one, and it was very good. Poor Derek. Poor victim of the week.), or doing anything narrative related.

So I'm like, well, I could eat ice cream and play Peggle. Which is about the speed I'm at.

...two rounds of Peggle later it dawns on me. I have a guitar. Three, in fact. And I have not touched any of them in months.

Yeah. I know what I'm doing for the next half hour or so.

Man, I think my brain and self and soul are finally growing back from the insanity that was the past two years. Maybe I'll even get back to the math soon. My geometry book and notebook are sitting on my desk waiting for me. But if I have two rest days in a week... I can do things like recreational math!

Yup, brain regrowth commencing. Just in time for the insanity that is this year to really get rolling!

Damn, back to growing calluses again.


Good for you. :)

I think I might be setting up for two years of rather busy, personally. It would be a change from my early adulthood. I feel a bit like I might sorta owe it to ... someone? The planet? to be a productive, hard-working person for a while. Make up a bit for ages 19-28.
Know any good beginning algebra books?
AHA! Looks promising. Thank you!
Is there any useful functional overlap between your guitar callouses and your climbing callouses?

(I haven't played guitar or bass since college. My lifting callouses are on either side of the knuckle where the fingers join the palm, so they'd be useless unless I was a carpal amputee playing slide blues.)
Alas, climbing calluses are just below the joint, and on the pads of the fingers; guitar calluses are at the tips of the fingers.

Let's just say I won't be playing the steel guitar for a couple of weeks. 0.0

It gives my brain something interesting to do that's not a narrative--and I have a math-related learning disability, so I didn't internalize it well in school.

This time, I am actually learning how it works, and it's fascinating.
I love that feeling, when you have enough soul and spoons to do things other than clicky flash games in your free time.

(Though for me it's the reverse -- I'm an astronomer who writes stories in her free time, rather than a writer who does math in her free time.)
I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up. ;-)
To be honest, there are days when I wake up and go 'shit, someone is paying me to sit at my computer and play with measurements taken from a robot orbiting Saturn to find out how the rings 'work'. MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY AWESOME.'

Of course, there are also days when I spend most of my waking hours swearing at code, my computer or deadlines. But, well, that would probably be true regardless of my job.
Ahaha. Yes.