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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

i know you've got a lot of strength left

Give us this day our daily puppy video:

Neural development is happening. They suddenly got a lot smarter.

"Software upgrade," my mom says.


The kittens in my garage (and presumably a parallel litter under my house) opened their eyes a couple of days ago, and are currently in the "self propelled meat tube" stage just prior to gaining coordination. :-)
Siblings: they are a lot of trouble and they bite your head. I have long suspected this, and now I have video evidence.

"I never claimed they didn't bite my head," says the only en-siblinged person under my roof.

Also Ista wants to know why I am SO MEAN and never let her go look after the puppies she can hear so clearly, NEVER. Obviously this is due to meanness.
So cute! And clearly working on ways of getting Out Of This Box (by hook, crook, or adorability...).
It is a damn good thing I'm spending the weekend with Muppet-Puppy because OMG want!

(it has already been determined that my next building will have to be puppy-friendly.)
Every time I play one of your puppy vids, my Resident Evil Feline gets all hinkey and stares at the monitor and makes threatening noises under his whiskers.

Those puppies are bigger than him and outweigh him too.
Aww, so cute! They're smelling things instead of trying to eat them!

This is clear proof that puppies are smarter than human babies.
Awww, look, proper dogs with legs and everything!
Thank you. :)
They know how many legs they have now! That makes wrestling so much easier!

I also like how the static dimensions of The Box make it clear how much bigger they've gotten.
Oh. My/ God. They're adorable! And they've gotten so BIG!
Little ridiculous dogs are cute in their little ridiculousness.