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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

they told us all they wanted was a sound that could kill someone

Since I'm over here commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic by doing my taxes (always the occasion of anxiety for the self-employed) and I spent most of last night and this morning getting my desktop system to talk to the network without crashing, today's content is a photo of scott_lynch and me that a2macgeek took during a room party at ConFusion in January.

Apparently we are a very... predatory subspecies of SFF writer.

So that's why gargoyles leer from ledges...

And now back to more tea and my festival of stress. I did find all the income statements, at least. They were even right where I thought I had put them.


You have matching smiles! Lovely photo.
Auditioning to be gargoyles? I don't think I would want to have to choose and pick just one of you. You BOTH get the role.
You two are adorable.

I love seeing you (each/both) looking so happy.
A very cute photo! You look amazing. :)
It's like what you'd get if you crossed Cheshire Cats and hyaenas.

In fairness, it was before dinner.
Is it rude of me to say your boy is hot? Because seriously.
I have no complaints at all about the view.
LOL. Always good to see you :-)
You look so happy! Yay!!
Sympathy and solidarity on the self-employment taxes!
Mmmm. Matching smiles. The cute, it burns...and you two look adorable together.
Lovely pic. You both look very happy.
I'm pretty sure the readers aren't your prey, so this doesn't bother me. ;)
Readers are a symbiotic life form.
So that would make us "symbs?" "symblings?" "symbiols?" "SLFs" (pronounced "sylphs")? As for TBYL, drule-worthy. Definitely. Just saying.
You guys are freakin' adorable.
That is both adorable AND awesome content.