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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid fashion police

if this is wellness what the hell's name is sickness?

I will be at Constellation in Lincoln, Nebraska starting tomorrow. I'm a guest of honor, and it sounds like we're going to have an awful lot of fun!

2012 04 12 the daily commute

Scenic where I work. Yes, I'm too old to be using milk crates as a printer stand, but that isn't stopping me.

(Actually, I also work on the couch and in the big armchair and on another desk at the other side of the room. It all depends.)

Really need to something about the mating tangle of cables under the desk.


Hi there. There are cable holders that you can set up behind your desks. They sell them at IKEA. :)
Thank you, I wasn't asking for advice.
Oh, sorry. Just thought I'd put it out there. I have the same problem! :)
Not so much a problem and that I haven't had time to organize and zip strip.

Bottom crate

Are those D&D books in a milk crate? Their natural habitat...

Re: Bottom crate

And Call of Cthulhu, too. They add weight. *g*

Re: Bottom crate

Looks like a lot of early edition goodness in that bottom crate.

Have fun in Lincoln! You should definitely try to get a quick tour of the Capitol building, it's a wonderful piece of architecture with some amazing artwork inside.

But, under no circumstances mention that it looks like a giant penis -- even though it totally does.

As a con GOH, I will be very unlikely to have time for sightseeing.
Hee, I was told that before I even moved here, as one of the things that might coax me. "You'd be living right next to the Penis of the Prairie!" And so I do.
Man, I want your workspace!
It was the major selling point of this place!
Model M for the Win! OLD SKOOL!

"If I can't beat a spammer to death with it I won't type on it."

And it's dishwasher-safe too, just add a dash of No-Blud and Brains-Be-Gone to the soap drawer.
I can kill a modern keybone in six months.

That Model M has been with me for seven years, and the one before it lasted fifteen.

They work good.
At my last job, the 20-year-old IT intern offered to replace "that old keyboard you've got there". In return, I offered to fight him for it. "Look: this 'old keyboard' is an IBM Model M, the finest keyboard ever made, and if you think it's junk, I'm taking it with me when I leave this job."

"You sure know a lot about keyboards", he says.

Yeah, well, I type for a living. D'ya think Mario Andretti drives a clapped-out Toyota Tercel?
Yeah, I type for a living too. I daftly insist that the action on the model M helps prevent RSI. *g*
It does. Your fingers can feel the spring feedback which indicates a successful stroke before bottoming out, which is where the damage would occur.

(Two Model M's at home, and work got me a PCKeyboard.com EnduraPro, using the same sort of buckling-spring mechanism... a hair less good, but reliably available.
I'm taking it with me when I leave this job

That's actually what I did. :) I'm not sure of the exact model of mine (it has AST) at the top left, but it's very like the one in the picture and came, along with a bunch of others, from a local nuclear power station that was being decommissioned in the mid-90s. They donated a load of old IT stuff to the study centre where I worked. No one else seemed to want the old keyboards, but I loved it so much and that I liberated one when I moved to another job.
What an excellent and orderly environment! It seems to need a cat, though. I know! I shall introduce one this coming week!
I look forward to it!

The cat, alas, must live upstairs. Or the dog will treat him as a stuffie. ;-)

That is the major drawback of this dog. He nearly didn't get to stay because of it.
Off-topically, I am doing a teeny tiny glee dance because I was actually able to identify the song the post title came from. For once!
I love your space! Where did you get that table? It looks like something I could use/adapt to jewelry work...
What sort of plant is that? It looks nice and compact and yet very interesting.
Ahh hah hah.

That is what is commonly called a "Pipe Organ Plant," but is actually a sport of the common Jade Plant: Crassula ovata "Gollum."

No, I'm not making that up.

There is also Crassula ovata "Hobbit".

This particular plant is a mature specimen: I've had it since 2006. It was the first plant I bought for my new apartment when I moved back from Las Vegas.
Those flanking windows. No chance of claustrophobia in that room. I trust there are scenic things outside. That is a nice desk. I'll have to check out the Ikea website. Mine is this great massive O'Sullivan put it together yourself thing with hanging file drawers and book cases, and it's just too monolithic. And yes, the mare's nest of cords. I am a compulsive cord neatener. I have to sort them out and bundle up the slack with a twist tie or it just drives me crazy. Not just computer cords. Lamp cords, appliance cords. . . it's pitiful.
Do you have a farmer hidden in that Dell?

(I'll leave quietly.)
Just Farmville.
Thanks for sharing. I love seeing writers' natural habitats.

Milk crates ain't never going out of style.