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the night is so pretty and so young

So, as some of you know, I'm involved in running Minneapolis' 4th Street Fantasy, fondly known to many as The Best Fantasy Convention On The Block. It's a small, intimate, awesome borderline relaxacon with a single track of extremely nerdy book-focused programming that is designed to include the audience as well as the panelists, a very nerdy attendee base, and an ethos of taking the best of the barcon into the program room. The con historically has provided an excellent consuite (seriously. real food, and lots of it) and in the evening, music circles and extended discussions are the norm.

From the con website:

The best of our traditions continue with a single-track program in which panels begin discussions that are continued by everyone in the room. 4th Street is not a spectator sport! We are all an integral part of the discussions and the decision-making.

4th Street runs from June 22-24. It's inexpensive and delightful.

I highly encourage everybody who loves books to attend.

A tentative programming list is up here: attendees are encouraged to pop by the livejournal community and discuss!

This year, for the second year running, we're offering a writer's seminar on the day before the con. This is not your typical critique session or workshop. Rather, it's an opportunity to interact with accomplished storytellers in our usual open panel format.

4th Street. Seriously, it's not quite like other cons. You'll get a chance to talk nerdy with the disgustingly well-read in an intimate and friendly setting.jon_singer might make you tea, for example; coffeeem might sing you a song.  

...It also seems to be the catalyst for an awful lot of romantic relationships. No promises there, but it worked for me!
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