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skateboards. i've almost made them respectable.

Hey guys guess what?!

My Another Word column ("Dear Speculative Fiction, I'm Glad We Had This Talk") is live at Clarkesworld.

Today is Book Day for the audio version of Range of Ghosts. Narrated by the awesome Celeste Ciulla, it's available via iTunes and at

Meanwhile, the eleventh Shadow Unit ebook is out.

It contains "The Small Dark Movie of Your Life" by Leah Bobet, "Walking Back To Houston" by Chelsea Polk, "Bulletproof" by Emma Bull, "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Sarah Monette, and more, and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for only $2.99, and at other major ebook sellers soon.

The first volume is only 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Or you can read all the stories free at Shadow Unit. Just check out Episodes or Getting Started.
Tags: audio sweet audio, i'm not proud (or tired), nonfiction, shadow unit, wtf
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