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Boring stuff about life, mundanities, and eating while you drive.

No rejections today. Yet. *g*

Queried Black Gate about a story I was hoping they might love, but now I begin to suspect has gone to the big slushbucket in the sky. Sent a new story off to F&SF. Have not gotten any writing done yet today at all, because I worked (sounded so much like a frog, still, that my boss nearly sent me home anyway. Well, at least I proved it wasn't just Friday Morning Lethargy that had me call in sick last week.) and then I went to my favourite boutique (Tar-zhay) and bought pants. Which are comfy. And presentable. And fit. Which is good, because nothing I owned was any of those things. And then I went to the Pastal Orifice, where the U. S. Snail chewed me up and spat me out, but I did mail buymeaclue's package (only three weeks late, and without the CD because my burner is being recalcitrant) and some other stuff, and then I went to the grocery store and bought a beeeyoutiful piece of dead animal for the boy's birthday dinner (which will probably be tonight, not on his birthday at all) and I then ate sushi out of a plastic tray on the passenger seat at every red light, all the way home, because I was hungry.

I have an idea on how to actually inject some tension into the end of Chapter Two of Whisky & Water so that there is an obvious and visible plot, doing the plot-moving-forwards thing, and I know what I have to write next in Scardown. I'll have to try to get them written tonight.

The good news is, the boy finally has his new-to-us computer to replace the defunct one, so as soon as he gets it set up, I will have my PC to myself again. Hallelujah.

And now I have to go pick up the boy at work. God. What a day.

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