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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Tell 'am all about the girl who just refused to fall.

Kit has a new favourite song.

"Could I be Your Girl?"

I swear there's some creepy aetherial vibration that makes me pick up on these bizarre synchronicities at the strangest possible moments. Like when I'm making Swedish meatballs (with real Swedes!) for my mother-in-law and singing Jann Arden at the top of my lungs.

Well, I should really just chalk this week up to a wash, writing wise. Tomorrow, the boy and I are going to 'O' (courtesy of my job: it does have its perks) and then the midnight showing of some movie... *g* and then Friday is the boy's work Christmas party, and Saturday is the boy's birthday party....

And I got NOTHING done on Scardown today at all. At all! But I did get some Whisky & Water scribbled longhand in the car while running errands.

So despite all this, somehow the dancing around the living room singing along to Canadian folk singers at the top of my lungs and making the ginormous dogs jump and bark has left me incredibly bouncy and up. Obviously, I am not getting enough exercise.

Right! More dancing!

Poing! Poing! Poing! Poing!


Now I have to share that.

Jann Arden appears to have a direct link to my co-writer's characters.

And dancing is good. More dancing!

Oh, O!

I went to 'O' during my last Vegas trip, mostly to appease my wife. I never was much for the circus, and a French-Canadian version of the circus sounded even less appealing.

The Bellagio built the stage that 'O' is on just for the show. It seems like it is 50 yards deep and 30 yards high. There are custom built cranes, scaffolding and a massive pool. Taking millions off of high rollers at the baccarat tables has it's advantages, and The Bellagio spared no expense with the setup.

The stage let the people who created 'O' run wild. The show had acrobatic and a aquatic action like I have never seen before. I don't want to get into the details for people who haven't seen it, so I'll just say that I left the show absolutely amazed. I'd consider going back again if the ticket prices weren't so high.

I hope you enjoy(ed) it!

*pines for his next Vegas trip*