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the trigger that almost nobody wants to pull

 For centuries, the wampyr has drifted from one place to another. From one life to another. It's 1962, and he's returned to New Amsterdam for the first time since he fled it on pain of death some sixty years before. On the eve of social revolution, on the cusp of a new way of life, he's nevertheless surrounded by inescapable reminders of who he used to be.

For a thousand years, he's chosen to change rather than to die. Now, at last, he faces a different future....

The capstone novella to the New Amsterdam sequence, ad eternum* will be shipping soon. It can be preordered here!

The limited edition comes with a 9,000 words chapbook, "Underground," which concerns the adventures of Mary in Paris between New Amsterdam and "Twilight."

Sf Signal has a review up. It's spoilery, and there's one factual error, which is probably my fault for being insufficiently clear for new readers. But:

" notch: stylish without being hard to consume, descriptive without being padded, and conducive to engrossing the reader into this world."


*or Ad Aeternum, if you prefer. In retrospect, the lowercase/bad-Mediaeval-Latin thing doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. Oh well. I'll just leave this here as an apology for anybody who is irritated.

Makes it easier to google....

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