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bear by san

December 2021



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criminal minds morgan garcia gotcha

but now there's evidence she's alive.

So I'm finally catching up on the last three episodes of Criminal Minds. And damn, I really like "The Company."


Love Criminal Minds!
There is SO MUCH to like about it!

1. The show's continued full acceptance of, and complete ease with, alternative lifestyles (provided everything's consensual)
2. JJ and Emily in the questioning. My fabulous and capable women. Also, "Please let me go back in there."
3.The careful development of Hotch and Morgan's trust issues: "That's it?" "That's it."and "Prove it.", which isn't a challenge so much as an order, "I know you can, now do." I also really like how Morgan assumes that when Hotch pulls him out of the questioning it's because he doesn't think Morgan's in control - which I would be inclined to agree with - and it turns out it isn't. Hotch has picked up the gauntlet that Morgan threw down in "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" - he trusts. I'd say the ball is squarely in Morgan's court on this, now.

ETA: Also, the fabulous scene where Garcia eviscerates Morgan and puts his head on straight. "This guy, this ass-hat guy"

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Yes. It's a pity the episode after this one sucked so much, but the most recent one was very good. Breen Frazier and Virgil Williams continue to deliver the goods.
She was wonderful. And gorgeous.

Her hair!

It was also lovely to see Morgan's sisters back.
YES YES YES. Loved it. Might have been the best ep of the season.
Might indeed.
6 fricking seasons of catchup to get through to get up to speed, but that means I get to watch multiple episodes at a time from several channels of reruns, which are out of sequence so I have to piece things together as I go -- a real nonlinear experience . . . .
Morgan: I am a main male character having manpain over my female relative's abduction, imprisonment, and rape.
Garcia: Excuse me, what?
Morgan: Right. Sorry. *is professional*
me: *cheering*
Show: And another sexist trope bites the dust.


also just catching up

"The Company" made up for the "Wait, did Reid say 'Satanic cult killings' with a straight face!?" episode.

Re: also just catching up

The one right after it, alas, made my face go like this.