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look what you lost when you left this sweet old world

A small Fourth Street Fantasy update from Brad Roberts...

Hello 4th Street!

We are now less than a month from our annual gathering with most of the details worked out.  There are a few differences
from the last few years because of the changed venue.  Most significantly, there will not be a brunch Sunday morning,
instead breakfast will be available every morning.  See below for details.

Roving Auction!

Ellen Klages, auctioneer and finder of strange treasures, will be popping up periodically between program items to
auction off curious and wonderful things.  Watch for the list of Special Really Cool Somethings, and bid for some nifty
items.  All proceeds go to make 4th Street better in years to come.

Springfield Suites:

- Registration was a little bumpy for a while, but the issues seem to be resolved.  If you DO have a problem, write to and we’ll try to straighten things out.

- All of the suites are quite spacious with separate living and sleeping areas, wet-bar, mini fridge and microwave.  The
entire hotel has free wireless access.  All suites have iPod docking stations.

- A hot breakfast buffet with eggs, meat and make your own Belgian waffle station, as well as a variety of cereal and
oatmeal; fruit, yogurt and granola; a variety of breakfast pastries, muffins, bagels; coffee, tea and juice.  Daily
offerings of eggs [hard cooked, and either scrambled, omelets or made for breakfast sandwich] and meat [sausage, bacon
or ham] vary daily.  We know several of you have special dietary needs.  Please drop a note
with any special requests so we can help with them.  Generally this buffet is offered only to registered guests of the
hotel, but we have arranged to include all 4th Streeters.

- Additional amenities include a 24-hour Market, business, indoor pool area and fitness center, and patio with bar-b-que
picnic area.


With our new venue comes a new system.  Our "Suite" is actually the breakfast area of the hotel.  It will be ours from
after breakfast until...  Cold drinks will be available in the program room 24/7.  The goodies menu will be similar to
last year (check the website Hotel Info page for details).  Again, if there was a gap in the offerings, or if you have a
suggestion/request, please send a note so that we can adjust the menu.

Now that we’ve covered a few logistical issues, as we say in Louisiana, laissez la bon temps roulez, let the good times
roll.  Here are a few details about the program.

Thursday, June 21:

3-5 PM
Our very talented and generous Elise Matthesen has offered to teach a jewelry making class for any registered 4th
Streeter at no cost.  [This is indeed a generous gift from Elise!]  Bring your own tools and materials.  If you have any
questions, she's setup a Live Journal post for discussions:

8 PM
For this year’s welcoming party we are going to hear stories.  And we’ll be the ones telling them.  We’ll use the "pick,
play, or pass" approach as we usually do with the music party.  Each person will be able to ask someone in the circle to
tell a story, pass the turn on to the next person, or tell a story.  Stories can be true, made up, or classic.  If
you've got a good tale, bring it along; notes are allowed.  Your story might come in the form of a tale, a joke, a poem,
or a song.  Have fun with it!  We may not get all the way around the circle, but we'll make some good fun together!

Friday, June 22:

9 AM – 2:30 PM
4th Street Writers’ Seminar 2012: Storytelling
A chemist, a puppeteer, a travel coordinator, and a firefighter come together to tell how they became Storytellers:
Oneal Isaac, Mary Robinette Kowal, Scott Lynch, Beth Meacham, with Karen Anderson.
The seminar is completely filled.

3:30 PM
4th Street Fantasy 2012 opens

8:00 PM

Saturday, June 23:

As part of the fun, and in response to a plethora of wonderfully fun examples last year, we invite you to wear your
favorite literary T-shirt and we’ll choose our favorite.  As an example, last year, Seth’s "I shot the serif" would have
been a definite contender.

Monday, June 25:

The traditional 4th Street Fish Fest will take place at Sakura on Monday at 12:30 pm.  Sakura is at 350 Saint Peter St.
in St. Paul.

That should fill you in on the new and wonderful events to be aware of.  Check the website,, to see who’s coming and what we’ll be talking about.  And, please, tell your friends.
We’d hate for good buddies to miss the stories, the discussions, and the fun.

See everyone soon,
Your 2012 Organizers
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