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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

ride away, boy on a horse. ride away. he stands against the sun.

ShatteredPillars final

That is all.

Or not quite all, actually--a draft version of the cover accidentally escaped. It's only slightly different, but this is the real final cover. If you happen to notice that a site has the draft cover up--it's similar but easy to spot: it has a "The" in the title, I'd appreciate it if you'd point the site owner at the real cover.

Thank you!

The cover artist is the amazing Donato Giancola.)


Oh good! I hope you liked it. (I have to start really writing #3 next month-ish, instead of just poking at it idly and making outline notes.)
I want! Preferably now, but I'll settle for "as soon as the HC is out".
Ooo, pretty. I look forward to seeing the art for book three, and also having all of that pretty on my shelf!

(And, uh, you know, reading the book that's inside, too. Looking forward to that. *g*)
That is great.
That is really astonishingly beautiful.
*gleeful applause*
That is a beautiful cover.
That is really beautiful!

(on a side note, I am so jet-lagged at present that I spent the longest time looking at the hands and trying to count how many there actually are, and coming up with five...)
I count six.
That is a wonderful, beautiful, sensual cover.
Yay! Great cover!
I think this is shaping up to be one of the best-looking series I've seen in a long time! (Plus, you know, awesomely written, which is a nice bonus.)
I am left in awe. I can't wait to own it! (and get at what's inside)
btw: his main site, donatoart.com, has a much more exhaustive collection of his art than the cghub gallery linked. Thought you might like to know!