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bear by san

March 2017



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before the oceans drank atlantis

Safely on the ground in Wisconsin and ensconced with scott_lynch (as of last night, but I didn't even get my laptop out of my case last night). We will be reporting to the con hotel tonight, after he takes care of some firefighter stuff.

The 4th Street synchronicity is already kicking in--or possibly it was the old jonsinger black magic. I ran into him at Midway when he came up to ask what my number in line was (not having recognized me with my head bent over a book), and we managed to sit next to each other on the plane, and I was able to offer him a ride to elisem's place in Scott's chariot. (Because I'm nice like that, and hey, I wasn't driving!)

Now I have to bake for the con. Because 4th Street! You wish you were here! Unless you are here, in which case you get baked goods if you are fast enough and nimble enough on your feet.

I'm using one of standuponit's recipes.


How come you're in Wisconsin if you are going to 4th Street, which is in Minnesota? Especially if you are at Elise's. I know where she lives, and it's NOT Wisconsin.
Because I'm not at Elise's.

I refer you to the first sentence of the post, and who I am staying with.

Scott lives in Wisconsin, just over the line.
Sorry, I didn't read carefully. Didn't mean to be snarky, but I guess it came out that way.
No problem. See you tonight/tomorrow?
I'm looking forward to seeing you and Scott (and everyone else) at 4th Street!
I didn't have proper muffin tins, so they're more cup-shoggoths. BUT DELICIOUS.
Cup-shoggoths? Eeeeeeexcellent.
The cup-shoggoths were tasty, and the frosting even tastier. Thank you!
Emma and I will arrive late, maybe very late, because of editor-ferrying from airport, so if baked goodies are gone, we will understand. At least, that's my story, and if tears roll down my cheeks when I hear they're gone, it's allergies, right?
I went to Paradise Lost, therefore am unable to do 4th Street, but thereby also learning I must go.

Next year in Jeru--! I mean, Minneapolis.
I managed to snag a cup-shoggoth. So tasty.
Thank you!