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oh bla di oh bla da life goes on bra

As you know, Bob, I am participating in the Clarion West Write-A-Thon fundraiser. I could totally use some more sponsors. It's a good cause, and my sponsorship page is here.

So today I vivisected the bits of false start, stole all the good dialogue from them, changed the POV (this is the third POV this story has been in, and there are only three characters) and wrote a whole bunch of new stuff all around it.

This brings me up to 5000 words total, and means I have about 3000 words in which to find and execute the climax.

Since I don't know how it works, except for one image, this may require tomorrow mostly being A Thinking Day.

I'm coming more and more around to the idea that at this stage of my development, word quotas are a bad idea for me. They tend to cause me to push out ahead and write words that aren't actually useful, which is annoying and frustrating.

This interests me, because getting a solid word count used to be a major motivator for me--proof that I had actually done something useful with my time. I tend not to notice the work I've actually done. I've had to stop tracking the wordcount ,though, because if I took a day off I would feel awful about it. After the writeathon, I'm going to go back to trying not to care how much I'm working, as long as I'm working and meeting my deadlines.

However, since I am way ahead on my 250-word-per-day commitment, I am feeling pretty confident in taking a day to think tomorrow... unless I wake up with a solution.

I mean, I kind of know how it goes, but... I don't know how the protag actually protags yet.
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