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But for now, I sleep.

Okay, so Cirque du Soleil followed by Return of the King followed by breakfast with the geeks does not leave one prepared to sleep.

But one must sleep anyway.

I've now seen three of the four Cirque shows either stationed in our touring through Las Vegas, and if all goes planned I'll get to see the newest one (smutty Zumanity) on Thursday. Today (technically still tomorrow, as I have not been to bed and the sun has not come up, and it's not tomorrow until one of those things happens) I cook fancy birthday dinner for boy. Friday we have boy's work party. Saturday we have boy's birthday party. Next week we have the usualy family stuff and a friend or two in town--

--somewhere in here I am intended to rewrite a book.

I am so not getting as much done this week as I need to.

(How was the circus and the movie? You have to ask? Well, hard to say which outshone the other, but the circus was cheaper--we get free tickets through work as part of our year-end bonus. There are a few reasons to really like this job. But I must say--homosexual French-Canadian clowns sailing a house around an indoor lagoon. My protagonist was amused. *g*)

I am pleased, aye. Pleased.

But for now, I sleep.

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