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Return of the King--no spoilers.

Edit: Okay, one small spoiler:

"Who knew the elf actually was icky grubby filthy dirty all that time?"

Somebody on my flish asked about the trailers of RotK. I presume somebody somewhere is tracking this by region. *g*

We got a lot of stuff that looked less interesting than you could possibly imagine, The Mask sequel, Sky Captain (which just looked beyootiful), and Spider-Man 2.

No Harry Potter. (No great loss to me.)

The first two minutes of the Spider-Man trailer rate as the best trailerage I've seen since the first Godzilla micro-trailer (the one with the T-rex skeleton). And yes. Okay. It's true. I have the Tobey Maguire thing and have since The Ice Storm. But still. Very nice storytelling and reveal. I hope the movie is as good, but I was scarred by that ugly Godzilla incident. *g*

What am I doing up, you ask? Well, I did sleep for two hours, which was not what I intended: I intended to sleep for a lot of hours. And now I seem to be up again. So perhaps I will make some tea and try to work, after all. Although if you hit a point in one of my books where all my characters are suddenly talking like this.

You'll know what happened and where (squarely) to place the blame, won't you?

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