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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Return of the King--no spoilers.

Edit: Okay, one small spoiler:

"Who knew the elf actually was icky grubby filthy dirty all that time?"

Somebody on my flish asked about the trailers of RotK. I presume somebody somewhere is tracking this by region. *g*

We got a lot of stuff that looked less interesting than you could possibly imagine, The Mask sequel, Sky Captain (which just looked beyootiful), and Spider-Man 2.

No Harry Potter. (No great loss to me.)

The first two minutes of the Spider-Man trailer rate as the best trailerage I've seen since the first Godzilla micro-trailer (the one with the T-rex skeleton). And yes. Okay. It's true. I have the Tobey Maguire thing and have since The Ice Storm. But still. Very nice storytelling and reveal. I hope the movie is as good, but I was scarred by that ugly Godzilla incident. *g*

What am I doing up, you ask? Well, I did sleep for two hours, which was not what I intended: I intended to sleep for a lot of hours. And now I seem to be up again. So perhaps I will make some tea and try to work, after all. Although if you hit a point in one of my books where all my characters are suddenly talking like this.

You'll know what happened and where (squarely) to place the blame, won't you?


Can you do me a huge geeky favor, and let me know if Sam's "Well, I'm back," is in the movie? Email if you don't want to spoiler. (eashack at livejournal etc)

I normally abhor spoilers, but it's not like I dont' know the story, and I realized that I'll be wondering all through the movie if I don't know.
I honestly don't remember, I'm afraid.

It *was* four o'clock in the morning. *g*

Re: "Well, I'm back"

Thanks. That's encouraging. I'm pathetic, I know.