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even as i whisper you are dying

I am remiss!

One of my favorite livejournal poets, the radically awesome rozk, has a new novel (her first novel!) out this month--Rituals (Rhapsody of Blood book one), from Plus One Press. It's an epic fantasy in the vein of dark and dire and bloody secret history. With Aleister Crowley. And Tenochtitlan. And Temporal Adventuresses!

"It is a story of death, love and the end of worlds - and of dangerous, witty women," as the cover copy reads.

Neil Gaiman says, "There is only one Roz Kaveney, although she is many things, and contains multitudes: editor, critic, activist, poet and novelist, all of them done brilliantly and in each field Roz is unique. I am thrilled and delighted that she is at last ready to unleash her elegant, historically subversive, witty, swashbuckling stories on an unsuspecting world."

The Guardian reviews it here.  

Strange Horizons reviews it here.
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