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bear by san

December 2021



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

this time i'm giving up. simply giving up on you.

NB: This post contains exercise and fitness talk.

I had a heck of a time dragging myself out for a run today (had a hard time falling asleep last night, with a result that, um, I didn't get up at 6:30 as I had planned. Silly Bear. And I woke up moody and sad.) and the first two miles were grim determination and lies. But I got there, and then it got easier (I like jogging at Scott's house: Wisconsin is a hell of a lot flatter than Massachusetts!) and I wound up doing 7.6 miles in 11:30 minute-miles. With enough left at the end to... well, not exactly sprint, but at least run rather than jogging the last 2/10th of a mile, which actually felt really good. I like it on those rare occasions when I can actually run, when the meat cooperates and I feel powerful and swift and springy. My hip was hurting, but I'm kind of used to that; it's been dodgy since I was in high school and I'm used to just kind of working through it.

Even the last mile wasn't too bad. The sun was warmer than I like, but the air was beautiful and cool, and for bits of it I actually had a good wind at my back. I may have found myself, um, enjoying those bits. Well, it's only taken five years to stop hating the whole thing...

Then, of course, I promptly had an asthma attack, but that's why God made Ventalin. :-P

I'm doing more weight circuits and hiking here, and (alas) no climbing (I have fingernails! It's so weird!) but I'm trying to do a distance run at least once a week, preferably twice, so I don't lose my hard-earned wind--and I've been exceptionally good about my yoga. Tree pose with my foot actually on my thigh! And when Rodney says "Knee to nose" I can actually do it, now! This makes me think my belly and thighs are shrinking, though my clothes don't seem any looser and the scale's not budging--I think I look different in the mirror around the ribcage, however, and my bras seem to fit more smoothly through the band. And there are great and terrible abdominal muscles in there. I can feel them!

Possibly I'm trading fat for muscle. That'd be nice, considering how hard I've been working out since Worldcon... I feel like I've earned some muscle mass.


HOORAY! Go you! That is super awesome.

I'm thinking I'm going to try and do a distance run a week once I'm back in Canada to replace swimming. We'll see how that works out.
Second victory I noticed today: I can cross my legs at the knee like a proper lady.

I'm not sure I have *ever* been able to do that.

or an improper lady!

My grandmothers were old enough to tell me that crossing your legs at the knee is seductive and flapper-ish. (Which one of them approved of.)

The primmer one crossed her ankles, and the really old-fashioned one had been taught to put her ankles together and possibly, possibly, bring them to one side when putting them under the chair. The interesting thing about ankles-together is that it feels like a very gentle yoga sit to me, good for my RSI and the rest of my posture.
You inspire me.

Someday, I should like to get "knee to nose" but that's going to be a while yet, I think.
That is really impressive. By this time next year, I'm rather expecting you to be bionic.
Quick question-- so, you use a DVD for yoga routines? Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!
Sometimes I do. I'm a big fan of Rodney Yee's stuff, and Jason Crandell, and Ganga White and Tracy Rich.

if you're new to it, it's better to take a class, however. As long as you can find an instructor who will encourage you to modify poses to your level of fitness and practice--and I'd stay away from so-called "hot yoga" until one is a little more experienced.
When you do yoga, do you do the Pranayama stuff too? I have asthma also and it has helped with that some. (Did your doc teach you the pursed lip exhale trick with your inhaler?) I would also like to know of any yoga DVD's you've used that you like.
I have exercise-related asthma which triggers in cold weather or from heavy anaerobic activity/holding my breath while exerting myself (as in swimming). And yes, I do ujjayi breathing.

I'm a big fan of Rodney Yee's stuff, and Jason Crandell, and Ganga White and Tracy Rich.
Happy Birthday! Good to read the exercising is going well and you're seeing good results.


I saw some recent photos of you and I just wanted to say, you look amazing!

Also, our local playground on the beach has a climbing wall! I'm not sure whether that's an excellent opportunity to try it without stress or a surefire way to crush my ego by failing in front of a bunch of judgmental toddlers.

Re: Photos


Thank you! I feel pretty good overall--and I recommend climbing walls, toddlers or no.

It did take me something like six sessions before I got to the top of my first climb, by the way, so if it's slow going that's normal.
Yay for hard work paying off. And for sticking to the hard work. :)