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Progress Notes

Whisky & Water

Words Today: 976
Reason for stopping: End of scene, and time to get boy. When I get home it's Scardown time--after I let the boy check his email, of course, and tuck him in for his nap.

The story is getting a shape in my head. Oh, and I may just have hit the end of my endurance. 38 hours awake with a two-hour nap in the middle.

New Words: 108
Pages edited: 46
Current MS Page: 194 of 449
Reason for Stopping: Too tired to continue, and that's twice my quote. And close to half of the book gone through.

I wonder if any US president other than Nixon has been as mocked in pop music as Ronald Reagan? Let's see, there's Genesis "Land of Confusion," and this song, and Big Country's "Flame of the West," and Sting's "Russians," and--

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to compile a list. Charlie and Jaime and I were trying to make a list of all the songs about masturbation on our car trip to Torcon, but this is a little different, somehow...

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