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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek fucking silence

It was his day off.

Happy Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov Saves The World Day, people of Earth.

It's a great day to hug a non-radioactive pet or loved one.


I know, right?!
It's a great day to hug a non-radioactive pet or loved one.

Oooh, yeah! I always forget about that until someone posts something.
Thanx for the reminder. Passing it on.
Every day should be Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov Day.

I still remember the nightmares I had as a teenager, dreams of seeing a shiny silver rocket taking off and knowing - knowing! - I only had 4 minutes left to live. Thank you, sir!

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Seconded - I remember those dreams, and the "Nucear Holocaust books", remember the government issue "Protect and Survive"?

May Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov live long and prosper!

*shudder* I remember 'Protect and Survive'. And the Raymond Briggs book 'When the Wind Blows' which was based on it and simply terrifying.
I remember "When the Wind Blows" and the radio play that was based on it. That was terrifying, too - not least because the man had a voice like one of my friends, a nice decent unimaginative craftsman. I couldn't help almost picturing them.

There was one book where a little group of people dying of radiation poisoning decided to walk from London to Aldermasterton as a final protest. They started almost outside the place where I was living at the time and they ran out of strength and died in the building where I used to work (having covered about 5 miles). I have no idea who wrote it but I'm grateful that it wasn't written well enough to haunt me.

Remember the Cuba crisis? I was in Ireland and I came back to England the night of the confrontation. That was an indiscribable journey to a port that might have been radioactive when we got to it.


Growing up in the SF Bay Area target zone, practicing shifting and hiding under desks so our dead bodies would be easier to find and count.

He has my thanks.
I love it that my birthday falls on this day. Much better than Christmas or New Years or even Halloween. =)