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Reblog: Catching Up -- Readercon: A Story From Scratch

Below, I am reposting Kyle's description of our collaborative Readercon project that also involved Michael Swanwick, Lee Moyer, and the entire attending membership of Readercon.

Originally posted by kylecassidy at Catching Up -- Readercon: A Story From Scratch
Some time many moons ago, editor Rose Fox asked me if I wanted to come to Readercon, the most erudite of Science Fiction conventions and do something ... unusual. Of course I did. She asked me to come up with and idea and I thought about it for a while and finally thought that it would be fun to get Hugo magnets Michael Swanwick and Elizabeth Bear together in a room with artistic Guest of Honor Lee Moyer and a bunch of readercon attendees and ... write a story, illustrate it with photographs and then have a slide show of the whole thing. Rose thought it was a great idea as did, I think, everybody else.

It was scheduled over three days, two hour-long sessions for story creation and photographing, one for Lee to make a cover out of whatever we did, and finally one for the slide show.

We asked celebrity guests to provide props to inspire the story. Peter Straub sent his cigar cutter which Michael immediately pulled out of the bag and offered a plot suggestion that cutting off someone's finger with this device would erase part of their memory and things leapt into action from there.

Bear took up a whiteboard and the audience shouted out plot ideas, these were wither accepted or rejected by Bear & Swanwick and after enough of a plot surfaced, we cast people from the audience and I left with them to start shooting illustrations. I ended up missing a lot of what was going on with the plot this way. Periodically the actors and I would stick our heads in the door and Bear and Swanwick would tell us that we needed henchmen kidnapping someone, parents offering money, phone calls in elevators and the like and we'd rush back out to do it.

This took place over two days. The third day Lee Moyer made magic happen with a cover while people in the audience watched along. That evening we had a slide show. People cheered. We were happy.

You can read the whole thing here.

Clickenzee to Read!

If you were a part of the studio audience & have memories, comments, photos, stories, etc, please share!

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