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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia technopeasant

you did not desert me, my brothers in arms

Home from Viable Paradise and bereft of my Scott. Also, crushed under a pile of work. Also, Shoggoths in Bloom appears to be shipping early, and I have galleys of Shattered Pillars. Giveaway soon!

That's a few more things crossed off! Sadly, they keep breeding.

I meant to brush a dog today. This did not happen. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. But at least I can take a pile of crap to the post office tomorrow!

State of the Honeydew:


"Underworld": September 2013
OWW EC Review: September 15, 2012
OWW EC Review: October 15, 2012
Massive piles of paperwork, contracts, invoices, travel plans, etc: October 16, 2012

Shattered Pillars page proofs: Yesterday
Garrett Investigates page proofs: Also yesterday
Signature pages for Book of Iron: The day before yesterday

story: November 15, 2012
Modern fantasy story with Faceless Minions and : December 2012
Secrit Projekt: 2012

travel and appearances:
Chicon: August 30-Sept 3, Chicago IL
Viable Paradise: October 5-14, Oak Bluffs MA
World Fantasy Convention: November 1-4, 2012, Toronto ON Canada (This is currently looking a little questionable for personal reasons. Will apprise!)
(Nope, not gonna make it)
NYLA Annual Conference SFF authors panel: November 8, 2012, Saratoga Springs NY
Pandemonium Books signing with Scott Lynch: November 10, 2012, Cambridge MA

HG story: January 1, 2013
Steles of the Sky: January 2013
Book proposal madness!
"Dark Leader": March 2013
MT story: March 31, 2013
OV story: Jul 1, 2013
"Something's Gotta Eat T. rexes": September 2013

An Apprentice to Elves
: 2013? (I'm sorry about the delays, guys. They are seriously unavoidable, and related to Sarah's recent health issues. We want to give you a good book with both of us in it, not something rushed and broken.)

travel and appearances:
WisCon: Madison, WI, May 23-27, 2013
4th Street Fantasy: Minneapolis, MN, June 2013
ConVergence: Minneapolis, MN July 4-8, 2013
Readercon: Burlington, MA, July 11-14, 2013
Viable Paradise: Oak Bluffs MA, October 11-16 2013 
World Fantasy Convention: October 31-November 3, 2013, Brighton England UK


travel and appearances:
ConVergence: Minneapolis, MN, July 3-7, 2014
Finncon (GoH): Jyväskylä, Finland, July 11-13, 2014
Worldcon: London, England, August 14-17, 2014

No fixed deadline:

Karen Memory
Smile (unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
Gotham Jazz

Untitled Gangland Urban Fantasy That Keeps Bugging Me
"Form & Void"
"Untitled Space Opera Thingy" aka "Periastron"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"
"This Chance Planet"




you're not going to WorldCon next year?
Most likely not. Expensive and time-consuming; I go maybe once every three or four years. And Brighton is going to be expensive!
My copy of Shoggoths in Bloom arrived yesterday. Thank you for renewing my faith in short fiction.
Thank you for reading the stuff! ;-)