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bear by san

March 2017



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if you were everything you say things would be different today

This year's season of Criminal Minds seems to be off to a promising start. I really enjoyed this week's episode (I loved Morgan's general contractor knowledge showing up), and while I thought last week's was strongly constructed in general (with a bunch of good character moments--Rossi and Reid, in particular) I have to admit, it's the first one to actually squick me since "Legacy." I was behind the couch.

Sorry I'm not blogging it this year, but... no time, no time. I'm impressed that any TV show is still watchable eight years in, however.


I am not caught up on CM yet, but timprov and I are most of the way through the final (eighth) season of House, and it's one of the best seasons of House yet for those who can stand House in the first place (and I can list several reasons why someone might not be able to). It makes me curious about how long a good show can stay good, and whether quitting on your own vs. getting canceled makes a big difference, and whether I could actually find a meaningful average of shows I like. Because there are lots of shows I like that had lulls and came back if they were allowed to continue, and others that got canceled before they had the chance to find out. I'm glad CM is still proving to be worth the time, not least because I need workout fodder and was intending to watch it anyway.
I watched two seasons of House--5 and 1, in that order--and felt like I had gotten out of it what I wanted from it.

But Hugh Laurie's snark is a thing of beauty.

CM is not what it was in S2. But it still has moments of absolutely crystalline psychological insight and character subtlety, and it turns out that's why I watch it.

That, and the thing in this icon.
The first episode of the season had such a ludicrously bad portrayal of both the deaf character and how cochlear implants work that it has made me really wary of catching up. I was yelling at the TV, seriously. (people who use IPA often use ASL? ORLY? cochlear implants work without the external battery powered parts? ORLY? etc.)

(edited to add appropriate icon!)

Edited at 2012-10-20 12:58 am (UTC)
And thus, the folly of expecting television to get anything right.
That's very sad to hear, given that the actor in question is Deaf.
oh good, glad I wasn't the only one behind the sofa...
I will miss the blogging (you always notice so much MORE in the show than I do) but I understand about No Time.
Beth is growing on me (I think I mostly was wary about her to start with only because a) I'm still sad about Haley and consequently b) Hotch being all giddy in love gives me embarrassment squick) but oh, I winced when he promised to make it up to her. Because apparently he hasn't learned that you don't make a relationship work by running it like a debt ledger.

Curious to see where they take the long distance thing; interesting that they're doing a parallel in that respect with Blake, given that ordinarily they compare-and-contrast his family life with JJ's. The reaction shot of his face when Blake's saying "There's no such thing as the perfect family, it's a childhood fantasy" is of course classic CM....
I like her too! And I like her long-distance relationship and no-nonsense attitude and that she's an adult woman.
Eeee new Reid subplot as of "God Complex", eeeeeee!

Nothing substantive to say, sorry. :->
Damn, I was peeking in to see what you thought of the Reid plot. His turn in the barrel?
No clue. I'm a few episodes behind. And it's always Reid's turn in the barrel!