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I am a part of I
And all that I unknowing know--
And all that I unwilling will--
It is the space that makes the structure
Through which the stars of ego gleam
The dark energy of mind,
The dark matter of me.

I own it though I do not know it.
I claim it though I cannot see it.
I trust it though I cannot touch it.
I am a piece of a greater mystery
And all it is and provides is me.

I am a part of we
And all that we releasing hold--
And all that we embracing free--
It is the matrix that we permeate
As the salt richens the sea.

Matrix holds the opal;
Opal holds the light.

The conceit seemed so awe-laden that I just couldn't bring myself to portentous language.

Here, we're having a pretty sunset. I thought I'd share that too:

2012-11-25 16.18.26

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