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December 2021



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I love it when my outline note is "What clever thing happens here?"

Thank you Past Self for all the guidance.


I have a line in one of my outlines that says "They save the day--somehow!" I've decided that this is what happens when a pantser becomes an outliner.
I don't subscribe to false dichotomies. *g* Whatever process works in any given moment is the one I use!
Well, I've always sworn by pantsing before and never outlined, but I decided to do a short story version of NaNo this month and figured out pretty quickly that if I didn't have a Plan it would fall apart. So I outlined in December.

Turns out I was right. I did four stories with few hiccups. And the fifth one, the outline fell apart and now it's kicking my ass.

But I got my 50K, with days to spare, so it's still a success.
My tactic is whatever works. if one technique isn't working, I do something else. If I have a good idea of where the story is going, I outline. If I don't, I explore. If I feel lost, I go back and outline what's written. I often move back and forth between tactics in one piece.
This is extremely reassuring to read.
This would have worked if I'd figured out what my Monster was before I did my outline, and then outlined around that. But I pantsed the monster and then ended up going "whoops." If I'd figured out earlier in the process that the outline was borked and that I should really sit down and un-bork it, I'd've been fine.

Well. That's a lesson learned for when I do it all again in June. :D This is the first time I've tried something like this, and I decided not to pressure myself over it.
Good work.
Oooh! Why have I never thought of doing an outline of what's already written as a brain jog?!?!?!

My brain just went "click." Maybe I'll actually finish something now. =)
Break a pencil! (legs hurt)
I was going over a chapter that I thought was basically finished and ran across the following note: "This makes no sense in conjunction with [X situation elsewhere in story]. Deal with it."

Gosh, so useful!


Of course, if I'd been able to figure it out before now, I would have written my answer down...
Oh, yes indeed. Such a note is a manifestation of Extreme Stuckness, even if it's very local stuckness. I was just surprised I had forgotten about it. Wishful thinking, no doubt.

So I'm not the only one who leaves notes like that? Whew.
That is the point at which my Past Self gets to tell the characters, If you want me to tell your story, you have to tell me it.

Outlines sometimes need time on the backburner, too.
Deadlines, alas, wait for no backburner.
"But soft! What clever thing through yonder window breaks...?"

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Past ammitnox screws Future ammitnox ALL THE TIME!!
Lol! My past me is a total and complete [redacted] to future me when it comes to notes on a work-in-progress. And in other parts of my life too, now that I think about it.
Please see icon!
When your past self expects you to be clever, go dumb. They'll never expect it! Have a man/android/wizard/catgirl come through the door with a gun/laser/wand/sword!
I found one of mine: "Insert Brilliant Haiku Here". I may have been a tad overambitious...

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And I know I can't trust her.