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i would still love you if you wanted a lover

Cover me. I'm going in.

I'm somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand words from the end of Steles of the Sky. It's more or less all in my head. It's time to do that thing I do where I put my head down, eat a lot of freezer food, and write a book.

With my draft or on it!

88105 / 120000 words. 73% done!

Steles of the Sky: Eternal Sky III

Start time: 1100 hours EST, Tuesday February 19 2013
Hours elapsed: 0
Starting Word count: 88,107 words
Starting page count: 437 pages
Current Word count: 88,107 words
Current page count: 437 pages

Tea: 0
Not Tea: 0
Other Sustenance: 0

Dancing: 0
Exercise: 0
Sleep: 0
Showers: 0

Words Word don't know: --
Mean things: --
Darling: --
Tags: eternal sky, slide flat food under the door, with your draft or on it

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