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bear by san

December 2021



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my guardian angel walks away

With my draft or on it!

95039 / 120000 words. 79% done!

Steles of the Sky: Eternal Sky III

Start time: 1100 hours EST, Tuesday February 19 2013
Hours elapsed: 37
Starting Word count: 88,107 words
Starting page count: 437 pages
Current Word count: 95,039 words
Current page count: 470 pages
New words: 6932

Teacup: squid mug
Tea: Upton pai mu tan white with ginger and mint; Stash mint chocolate oolong; Upton Christmas Tea;
Not Tea: Adirondack raspberry lime seltzer; hot buttered rum; a Manhattan variant with Campari in place of vermouth; coooooooooffeeeeeee; unsweetened almond coconut milk; Polar pink grapefruit seltzer, Thai chili bloody Mary
Other Sustenance: cinnamon graham crackers; brown rice, refried pintos, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, fried egg; Reed's ginger chew; half a sweet cheese croissant; nut and rice crackers; more cinnamon grahams; a disgustingly healthy smoothie that would have been better without the kiwi; spaghetti with turkey sausage, veggie, and red bean marinara sauce; pistachios; oatmeal with jam, banananananananas, and peanut butter; rice with peas and mushrooms; chicken black bean burrito; still more cinnamon grahams; brown rice; refried beans; half a blood orange; leftover spaghetti;

Dancing: in the light
Exercise: yoga, 1 mile walk, 1 mile run
Sleep: 6 hours
Showers: 2
Reason for stopping last night: was typing more homonyms than the words I meant. 

Words Word don't know: bearlike, buzkashi, indricothere, karst, shudraga, geas, untasted, arsed, shelterless, petrichor, anosmic, luffed, unpatrolled, armorers, abortifacients, whuffed, rockily, hypostall, vulturous, cowled, spinel, spiderweb, boled, insectile, scraggle, cometary, ouds, homages, unglaciated,  thewed, wyrm, querulousness, unshriven, antidiarrheal, slabby, verdnacy, torchieres, archness,
Mean things: ghouls.  


Samarkar pursed her lips and shook her head. "It turns out it's not such a great world for bringing fat babies into. Right now, anyway."

"It never is," said Hrahima. She'd been silent so long that the humans jumped at the sound of her voice. In the intimacy of their exchange, they had more or less forgotten her. "And yet fat babies keep getting born. And most of us only regret having been born intermittently."

If I do not finish this book today, I will only have to finish it tomorrow.



Bear's Word does not know "bearlike"? This is unconscionable. Also surprising. The absence of "abortifacients" is intriguing. I note that while "bearlike" did not get a red underline when I typed it into my browser just now, "abortifacients" did. I suspect the querulousness of the browser.

Re: Wait...

I have noticed that Firefox has a better vocabulary than Word. Though Word has some surprising bridges--it knows a bunch of medieval Norse terms. I suspect the person who did the word list might have been SCA. ;-)

Re: Wait...

Or an actual Norn. You never know.
My real 'how can't it know that?' word in that list was "spiderweb".
Obviously, also, Word can't be arsed to know "arsed".
I wonder if UK Word knows it.
I wonder too.