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the weather can close the world within its hand

I was going to try to make 100K tonight, but the only way that will happen at this point is if I just type four pages of "derp derp derp." Tomorrow is another drafting day.

They call it a draft because it is full of holes.

99148 / 120000 words. 83% done!

Steles of the Sky: Eternal Sky III

Start time: 1100 hours EST, Tuesday February 19 2013
Hours elapsed: 59
Starting Word count: 88,107 words
Starting page count: 437 pages
Current Word count: 99,148 words
Current page count: 490 pages
New words:  11041

Teacup: squid mug
Tea: Upton pai mu tan white with ginger and mint; Stash mint chocolate oolong; Upton Christmas Tea; Upton gunpowder green; Upton Lung Ching ("Dragon Well") Chinese green tea;
Not Tea: Adirondack raspberry lime seltzer; hot buttered rum; a Manhattan variant with Campari in place of vermouth; coooooooooffeeeeeee; unsweetened almond coconut milk; Polar pink grapefruit seltzer, Thai chili bloody Mary, more coffee, wisniowska (the drink that shares my name);
Other Sustenance: cinnamon graham crackers; brown rice, refried pintos, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, fried egg; Reed's ginger chew; half a sweet cheese croissant; nut and rice crackers; more cinnamon grahams; a disgustingly healthy smoothie that would have been better without the kiwi; spaghetti with turkey sausage, veggie, and red bean marinara sauce; pistachios; oatmeal with jam, banananananananas, and peanut butter; rice with peas and mushrooms; chicken black bean burrito; still more cinnamon grahams; brown rice; refried beans; half a blood orange; leftover spaghetti; walnuts; more oatmeal with peanut butter, bananananananananas, and prickly pear jam; two bites of scott_lynch's pumpkin muffin with cream cheese frosting; a dangerously juicy yellow plum; Vermont Cheddar on low sodium stoned wheat crackers; steamed Korean vegetable bun; grass-fed cheeseburger on a whole wheat English muffin with Vermont Cheddar; celery sticks; cara cara orange; Morningstar fake burger (Luciferburger, as I like to call them);

Dancing: waltzing with bears
Exercise: yoga, 1 mile walk, 1 mile run
Sleep: 11.5 hours
Showers: 3
Reason for stopping tonight: derp derp  derp derp derp derp 

Words Word don't know
Mean things: necromancy. Oh wait, that's everything.

If I do not finish this book today, I will only have to finish it tomorrow.
Tags: eternal sky, slide flat food under the door, with your draft or on it

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