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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

we can't stop here. this is bat country.

Check out batwrangler's awesome research on this very gorgeous bat lamp that turned up on pinterest!


Wow! Did you buy it?
maybe after my six figure deal... if I get one.
I think we're all hoping that you'll get that anyway!

When I made the first comment I hadn't been able to get the link to work, but I've read the research now.

If I see something like that in the Portobello Road market I'm going to be trying to haggle it down to £10, even knowing that it would have to be one of the imitations or the one that was stolen.

I've bought a Tiffany lamp in that street market for £10, in the past (well, actually, I got 2 for £10. One shade was broken but with the glass still held by the surrounding strips; the other had damage to the lamp itself that made the wiring tricky - so I ended up with a functioning flowered Tiffany shade on functioning abstract Tiffany lamp.

(The cracked abstract shade and the stalks and flowers lamp are now put to to one side to await repair. I probably can rewire the second lamp but I doubt if I could make the repair look authentic.) Neither would ever have been as well balanced as that bat lamp.
That's really, really awesome about the Tiffany Lamp.
Oh, wow. That's beautiful!