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"why don't you have a straight job like everyone else?"

The standing desk is working out well so far. Although I ran four miles this morning, and my desire to be on my feet is... mitigated by that fact.

However, there are incipient crocus emerging through the snow in the front yard, which means we're well into Mud Season:
2013-02-28 16.09.49

and I got a box of ARCs of Book of Iron today, so here's a photo of one on said desk with a nice cup of ko-kei cha, a mellow green tea that's a by-product of making matcha, the famous powdered green tea.

2013-03-01 15.52.23

Lovely color, isn't it?

2013-03-01 15.52.53

(The glass cup was for my mom, but I borrowed it for the photo op because it shows off the color so nicely.)

...yes, I am reading Boing Boing. ;-)

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