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I think I'm back on vacation.

I kind of know where Whisky & Water is going, but no urge to write at it currently. The heavy Scardown revision pass is done and I'm waiting for my editorial letter on Hammered. And I should start plotting out Worldwired more formally in the not too distant future; it is stewing in the back of my head.

But it's not cooked yet. I can tell. Although the changes to Scardown give me some better character hooks into it.

Right now, mostly, I'm tired and drained. I suspect that means its time to do some reading and lazing about the house and let my brain refill.

The good news is, I've been in the mood to crit and review again on the workshop, and I've been doing a lot of pay-forward crits (crits for strangers, with the intention that they'll pass them along to other persons sooner or later. Or perhaps not.)

It's nice when the voices in my head shut up for a bit.

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