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that season left the world and then returned and now you're lit up by the city

Shattered Pillars is out tomorrow in the US! (Probably already available today in many fine bookstores, because it's not a hard on-sale date.)

Book Two of the Eternal Sky trilogy continues the story of Re Temur, exiled heir to his grandfather's Khaganate, and the Wizard Samarkar, Once-Princess of the Rasan Empire, as they struggle to stop the necromancer al-Sepehr from destroying the delicate balance of power of the kingdoms of the Celadon Highway.

To celebrate, I have been doing some guest blogs.

Over at A Dribble of Ink, I have ranted on the topic of grit, grimdarkness, and sexual violence--among other things. "I Love a Good Tragedy as Much as the Next Guy."

There's a brief piece of Eternal-Sky related fiction coming up over at the Dark Faerie Tales Fantastic Fables event, where there will also be an ARC giveaway.

And I will be signing at the New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton Highlands, MA at 7 pm on March 20th (that's this Wednesday), at Book People in Austin Texas at 7 pm on March 27th (that's next Wednesday), at Dragon's Lair (also in Austin) for their Indie Creator Night at 7 pm on March 28th (next Thursday, with Amanda Downum and others), and at Uncle Hugo's in Minneapolis, MN on April 13th (a Saturday, with Robin Hobb).

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