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Reading British science fiction is unlikely to help me become a more accessible writer. However, I did just finish Look to Windward. Nice use of structure as revelation and as echo of the themes/evolution of the storyline. Pacing a little slow for my taste, but I am a deeply impatient soul.

Time to finish Divine Intervention now. I'm trying to plow through the pile of books that I picked up and then wandered away from because The Stratford Man was eating my brain.


KITT, the talking car from the (cough) immortal 80's TV show Knight Rider is a member of this livejournal community. So are Arthur Dent (especially brilliant), Napoleon Solo, Detective Munch, and very many others.


kim_jong_il__ has one too.

Some of the stuff on lj borders on performance art.


I've figured out why reading fanfiction is such an effective relaxation device for me, and I can read it even when it's baaa-aaad: so bad I would never make it past page one if it were in my slush.

Because I don't have to analyze it or try to understand if it works or why it works or how it works or what the structures are doing.

It's permitted to just *be a story* by the writerpart of my head. So what if it sucks? And if it doesn't suck, it's a pleasant surprise.

Because I don't care about it, I can actually just read it. I can't read profiction any more without taking it apart and trying to learn from it. Which means that reading profiction for enjoyment is pretty much out the window for me. Hmm. This learning to write thing should have come with warning stickers.

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