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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

through the night. through the dawn.

stillsostrange and evynrude and I saw the fireball last night, over Westport, CT. It was amazing and beautiful, and we actually mistook it for a firework it seemed so bright and close--green and orange and gold and shedding sparks all the way. Gorgeous: best one I have ever seen.

And then stillsostrange and I got up in the cold pink dawn and put our socks on and drove to West Haven.

And I have run a half marathon. It was really boring and my glutes are killing me, but I'm pretty pleased to have done it and it wasn't so bad.


(Photo: Amanda Downum)

Now Amanda and I are off to an Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson concert, as out reward for Valkyieness.


Emmylou Harris and Richard Thompson together? He'll, I'd do a half marathon for that (well, if I got to row it - if I had to run I'd be too wiped out for the concert).
Well-done, you!

(and we thought it was fireworks at first, too - so intense, but no sound or smell of gunpowder so it couldn't have been of course... and far further up than it seemed)
Woohoo - well done on your half-marathon! Have fun at your gig - husband saw Richard Thompson a couple of weeks ago and had a jolly good evening.
Congrats for the run and envy for the concert!
Yay, Bear! I would have enjoyed that concert. A suitable reward for Valkyrieness indeed. Hojotoho!
Is that Emmylou Harris with Richard Thompson opening? If so, maybe you could do a small write up about the concert afterwards? My dad is trying to decide if whether or not he should go see that show when it comes to our town. So having someone who's seen it have an opinion on it might give him a little push one way or the other.
Gods above, Bear, leave some awesome for the rest of us mere mortals, will you? =)