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A word from our sponsors.

We saw a sneak preview of Paycheck tonight--which was good, because we hadn't been about to pay to see it. In fear and anticipation, we went--

The short review?

It's tight, clean, and--amazingly, given the cast and director--understated. It surprised me without cheating, and I can't remember the last movie that did that. It balances action and character development nicely, it's a nice ten-minutes-into-the-future, it's not pretentious, it's solidly themed and balanced and things blow up satisfyingly--in counterpoint to the character development--and it's replete with nice symbolism and layering that's not heavyhanded... short, it's not a movie that pretends to be anything other than it is, and it accomplishes everything it sets out to do cleanly, efficiently, and pleasantly.

I would see it again. Which is something I've said of only two other movies I've seen this year.

I have walked away contented, replete, and generally pleased.

Also, we found a good Irish pub down the street from the theatre, and I am stuffed full of mash and steak-and-mushroom pasty. Life is good.

To bed!

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