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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

A word from our sponsors.

We saw a sneak preview of Paycheck tonight--which was good, because we hadn't been about to pay to see it. In fear and anticipation, we went--

The short review?

It's tight, clean, and--amazingly, given the cast and director--understated. It surprised me without cheating, and I can't remember the last movie that did that. It balances action and character development nicely, it's a nice ten-minutes-into-the-future, it's not pretentious, it's solidly themed and balanced and things blow up satisfyingly--in counterpoint to the character development--and it's replete with nice symbolism and layering that's not heavyhanded...

...in short, it's not a movie that pretends to be anything other than it is, and it accomplishes everything it sets out to do cleanly, efficiently, and pleasantly.

I would see it again. Which is something I've said of only two other movies I've seen this year.

I have walked away contented, replete, and generally pleased.

Also, we found a good Irish pub down the street from the theatre, and I am stuffed full of mash and steak-and-mushroom pasty. Life is good.

To bed!


Thanks for the mini-review. I'm automatically suspicious of adaptations (however loosely they identify with their antecedents), so it's good to know that Paycheck is worth seeing.

What were the other two films?
Return of the King and Seabiscuit. *g* I have a very low tolerance for visual media.....
Thanks, Sarah.

I've liked the three movies thus far that have been adapted from Phil K. Dick's work (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report), so I am cautiously optimistic about #4.

Thanks for the heads up!

I like John Woo...

...so it's nice to know I will be seeing it after all .

And I wish you all the best for the season and the new year beyond! See you on the 2nd!


Re: I like John Woo...

hippo holydays!
I have a Ben Affleck allergy. Will I need to see a doctor before going to the movie? My Tom Cruise allergy pretty much ruined Minority Report for me (that, and the big honking plotholes).
Ben Affleck is not my favourite actor when he's being Ben Affleck, but I liked him in Daredevil and in this.
I avoided Daredevil because I figured the last thing that boy's ego needed was a superhero flick, never mind a *successful* superhero flick.