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Because I've heard from some who were worried: I'm fine. I'm in Wisconsin with Scott and nowhere near Boston today--or this month. My half-marathon was last month, and was not related in any way to the Boston Marathon. 

Thank you to all the fire, EMS, bomb squad, police, and other first responders working to protect and heal Boston today. Thank you the hospital trauma staff, blood donors, and Samaritans.

My best wishes to everyone affected.

For those of you not in Boston and not from Massachusetts, today is a state holiday (Patriot's Day) and so the library in Copely Square was closed.

Be aware that as of this writing, police and other emergency services are still sweeping the Boylston Street/Copely Square area;

that the T stations closest to the affected area are closed;

that cell phone service has possibly been shut down in downtown Boston in order to prevent remote detonations of any further potential explosives;

that so far reports of devices in Cambridge and elsewhere in the Boston Metro Area have been unsubstantiated, but that may change and that many "suspicious packages" are bags abandoned in the chaos by bystanders;

that the area close to the main Boston Library campus is not considered safe and police are reporting (and in at least one case, controlled-detonating) additional explosive devices;

that two devices exploded in trash cans on Boylston Street about ten seconds apart, at the Marathon Finish line;

that a third device exploded inside the JFK Library that may be related; this now appears to have been a fire, per the Boston PD;

that a fire in a facilities room at an area hotel is not related;

that there are possibly unsubstantiated reports that the Lenox and Mandarin Hotels have been evacuated; 

that there are at least two dead and multiple seriously injured;

that you should not go to the area;

that police are asking everyone in Boston to stay home, if possible;

if you are already near the site of the explosions, you should leave immediately, per the Boston Police.

There are some reports that BPD is asking people in bars and restaurants in the area to stay indoors while a sweep for other devices is carried out.

Consider following @Boston_Police and @BostonGlobe (and @CambridgePolice) for the most verifiable updates. There's a lot of fog of war spreading on social media. It is irresponsible to speculate as to the motives and persons behind this at this time.

Be careful, stay clear, text or IM your loved ones rather than calling; check rumors before retweeting; watch out for scam artists!

It's okay to turn off the coverage. I'm about to do that myself.

If you are checking on a runner, you may be able to find information here.

If you are looking for someone else or if you wish to let people know you are okay, you can check in here.

If you wish to donate blood, go here. The Massachusetts Red Cross is reporting that they have sufficient blood supplies on the shelves, however.

Making Light entry, with fans checking in.

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