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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

were we the belly of the beast or the sword that fell?

Zeno's novel is in full force. I have written 16,800 words since Sunday, and I'm just about to OD on overly sweet multi-shot espresso drinks and get back at it, and I feel like the end of the damned book just gets further and further away.

I will not be done by Friday. But I may still pull off the next-week deadline if I manage to stay knuckled down. (I am taking Saturday off to give my brain and hands a break.)

In lieu of content, here are the songs I have been listening to obsessively while working this week.


I have a hard time listening to music with lyrics when I'm writing. Must be 20+ years spent typing medical dictation for a living; 8 hours a day it goes in your ear and out your fingers. When I write, I need to hear the words my brain is dictating; other people's words are distracting. I do listen to music but it's music without words. Some people can't write while listening to music as it's too distracting; others need to wrap a curtain of sound around them -- music or TV. The brain works in strange and wondrous ways.
Gee thanks, bear. I bookmarked this as a reward for finishing, thinking I might want a new track for my dreaming playlist. I now appear to have splashed out on two new tracks and the complete Basia album....
<--bad influence