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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek the puppet (poisoninjest)

ring like crazy, ring like hell, turn me back into that wild haired gale

I have finally gotten through the rising action and I have reached the earth-shattering kaboom. Which means I will be taking a moment before writing to organize it. And cry a little.

I just typed "Chapter 26." Chapter 26 is the new Chapter 25, and Chapter 25 was supposed to be the start of the climactic space battle. I may actually cram one more scene into the new Chapter 25, though, which was previously the second half of Chapter 24, except Chapter 24 got to be sixty pages long, because the scene that is now supposed to start Chapter 26 (formerly 25) may go better in Chapter 25 (formerly 24.)

This book is going to be seven hundred pages long. I wish I were even kidding.


And I will read ALL SEVEN HUNDRED of them with great joy, omg.

"climactic space battle" is my Mars Volta cover band.
SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES you say that as though it were regrettable.
I don't get paid enough to write books this long. That's roughly half again as much work as I was hoping to do. :-P
Oh. Sorry! (while continuing in my selfish glee.)
If you write them, we will read.
Just want to say that as a person who LOVED "Range of Ghosts" and "Shattered Pillars", and as a fast reader for whom good books are finished all too quickly, I will be thrilled if I get to read 700 pages of goodness in "Steles of the Sky"!