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bear by san

March 2017



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no kill i

Well, Star Trek: Into Darkness was a hot mess.

Only a very few spoilers, but: Physics does not work that way, story does not work that way, and fan service really doesn't work that way. Tribbles could have so easily been used effectively, as an actual plot element, and real fan service, instead of as an essentially pointless deus ex machina. (Why was Klingon Detroit not full of tribbles?)

So many missed opportunities, unearned moments that could have been emotional or telling, and Too Stupid To Live. And I'm sorry, but the entire subversive point of The Uberman Exists And He's A Brown Dude is kind of lost when you cast Benedict Cumberbatch, lovely though his voice is.

He can act. I wish they hadn't directed him into Shatnerhood.

I wish they'd just actually used the whole plot of Diane Carey's Dreadnought!, rather than selected aspects of it grafted onto such stupidness that don't make sense.

Oh, and space is bigger than Michigan, and Qo'noS is only 90 seconds away from Earth at Warp 10. Also, if you're having an enormous battle inside the orbit of the Moon, you can count on Starfleet to not even fucking notice, and nevermind what God needs with a starship, who the hell designs one without decompression doors?

On the other hand, the regular cast is fucking amazing. I could watch Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Anton Yeltsin, and Zachary Quinto play their elder counterparts all day. (John Cho. Karl Urban. ***Sigh.***) Chris Pine is a fine actor, and I adored him in Unstoppable, but the characterization of Kirk is so uneven that he's got nothing to work with.

I just want a movie that doesn't make me want to punch the scenarist in a soft and vascular place. Is that too much to ask?



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I am deeply sympathetic. I have wanted a "Dreadnought!" movie ever since bringing it home from the library, and this wasn't it.

I also want fewer head-slappingly stupid physics tricks per movie. (Free fall! It's called that for a reason!)
I leaned over to Scott at that point and murmured, "ACCELERATION DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY."
Yeah, that's about where I was. 90 minutes of them all just hanging out on the bridge would have been about 300% better. I really hope movie #3 finds better things to do with them (assuming we get one).
Using the tribble in such a way means that they won't re-do "The Trouble with Tribbles" next. ;)
IDW's comic book series already covered that ground.
Once I saw that the script was written by the co-writer of Prometheus, I knew to just relax and look at the pretty pictures :(
Don't, it'll just make you mad. Freaking "Oblivion" was more logical and respectful of audience intelligence.
On the other hand, how much flak would they have received had they actually cast a brown dude as the galaxy's number one terrorist?
They knew that fact very well. And a certain rogue intelligence operation known from DS9 provided some logical in-story cover for dealing with that concern.
Particularly nice use of the vomitty-rug-and-bowling-balls-alien gif.
I like to think of her as Lieutenant Rock's proud mama.
Yes, all of that. I've said elsewhere that my disbelief required not merely suspension, but cantilevering.

I want to point out, however, what I found the most interesting (and least stabby-making) aspect of the movie to consider: the astonishing emotionality of the men in this movie. I think Sulu may be the only named character not to have had tears in his eyes at some point. It seemed like whenever they weren't shooting/hitting each other they were sitting around sharing their feelings. I have no problem with this, I just think it's fascinating. And I invite you to contemplate Shatner playing the turbolift scene with Uhura.
"my disbelief required not merely suspension, but cantilevering." I love it! I would love to steal it and use it! May I?

I loved it even though it was a seriously flawed movie, for some of the reasons you point out with the comment about emotionality. The Kirk & Uhura in the turbolift scene, and the Kirk, Spock and Uhura in the shuttle bit were terrific - they made perfect sense for the characters. Quinto and Urban are outstanding in the middle of a whole lot of other wonderful actors. And a certain cameo made me happy enough to make up for a whole lot of flaws.

But I really wish they had used one of any number of possible hand-wavy solutions to explain why a character who should be brown was pasty white. Yeah, Cumberbatch being deep in the uncanny valley makes a certain amount of sense, but they still should have made some sort of token explanation.
I was in two minds about going to see this. On the one hand I like the regular actors; they do a fine job (with the possible exception of nuKirk), and I would watch almost anything with the same cast. I would love to see a new non-Trek SF series with them. I would even watch a new Star Trek with them, if everything else about the movies didn't suck like a black hole.

But the first new film was like a Frankenstein's monster of mashed-up Star Trek visual tropes and the latest SFX, with none of the heart. And it gave me a migraine. So, for this one I'll wait until I can catch it on Netflix or broadcast TV.
I actually think the story COULD have been really cool, but that the movie didn't pay its dues/do the homework in order to DESERVE to get to the ending they took from that other place. (Trying not to spoil.) Nothing had emotional resonance for me until they started heavy referencing/stealing.
This. It relies on modern myth for all its impact. Like a fanfic AU that uses shoutouts for catharsis rather than establishing its own ground to stand on and shoot from.

You (and Jay Lake) Forgot!

To leave your brain at home! ;-)
It gets to me that they spent some tens of millions of dollars to make something so undistinguished.

However, it's something to see a movie with no coercive interrogation (torture) by the good guys, and with a terrorism plot at that.

In re whether Khan could be brown and a terrorist-- did he have to be a terrorist, or could he have just been a military threat?

oh, dear ...

Desperately hoping that going in with very low expectations (several hours in air conditioning in AZ in the summer-low, maybe?) will help...
I also hope that my expectations have been sufficiently lowered to enjoy it, as my kids kind of want to see it. But I may well wait for video, or simply hoist the Jolly Roger. :P
I had similar thoughts. I definitely agree about the main cast though--I found myself wishing I could see them in a Trek-y, think-y movie rather than getting shoved from action set piece to action set piece.
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