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bear by san

March 2017



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i dreamed i saw the typhoon spit and walked into the heart of it

I got up this morning and went for an 11 mile run. It was supposed to be 13, but the sun caught me and I ran out of Gatorade. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor--and I decided two more miles was not worth puking.

Now I am drinking Vietnamese coffee and sitting on the sofa, like somebody who has used up all her virtupitude for the day.

My stepcat was just in the corner suspiciously sniffing an old signing poster of Scott's that's been there for a month. Only now does it become a potentially threatening object. Cats. Or maybe he's just now figured out what Dad does for a living?

In other Scott-related news, this.

In writer-related news, non-Scott-related, the UK/Australian publication of John Joseph Adams' Wastelands anthology has occurred

And Publishers Weekly has given Book of Iron an absolutely bang-up review. (linky) (text follows) 

Book of Iron

Elizabeth Bear. Subterranean (www.subterraneanpress.com), $20 (128p) ISBN 978-1-59606-474-4

Friends are the family we choose, a maxim that lies at the heart of this short but sharp novella, which ties in to Bear’s Eternal Sky novel series. Bijou the Artificer (first met in 2010’s Bone and Jewel Creatures, here young and eager for adventure) joins the immortal Maledysaunte on a quest to the abandoned city of Ancient Erem to stop Dr. Liebelos, a precisian (wizard of orderliness), from summoning the Iron Book. With them go a crew of allies with mixed motives, including Kaulas the Necromancer, who is Bijou’s lover and rival, and the wizard Salamander, Maledysaunte’s companion and daughter to Dr. Liebelos. Under skies whose moons and suns vary in number, they must confront the threats of legendary beasts and betrayal. Bear injects the fizz of the Roaring ’20s (including travel by roadster, automatic pistols , aeroplanes, and silent movies) into a thoughtful exploration of dealing with loss. Agent: Jennifer Jackson, Donald Maass Agency. (Oct.)

Reviewed on: 06/17/2013
Release date: 09/01/2013


got up this morning and went for an 11 mile run. It was supposed to be 13, but the sun caught me and I ran out of Gatorade.

This makes it sound as though you are a troll, (though I quickly add that you are otherwise nothing troll-ish).

OTOH ...the notion that Gatorade (replacing electolytes/ salts) as a trollish countermeasure to sun exposure is ... intriguing.
Only a troll on the internets, and then only very occasionally. ;-) Although here's me AND a troll...

But exercising in direct sun makes me sick very quickly.
Well, that's a book to buy. (What can I say, I love Erem. It's probably a character defect. Possibly produced by too much HPL and CAS as an impressionable youth.)
I consider it a sign of good character. And what else was I going to call a city full of ghulim?
Is there any Erem-centered content in Bone & Jewel Creatures (ie, should I try to attain possession of it sooner rather than at a more leisurely pace)? And, yeah, 'tis a fairly self-evident toponym, 'tis.
Not really. *g*
Right, on the list that's "buy it but not sell a kidney to buy it now-now-now" it goes.
Woot review!
It never ceases to amaze me what the feline mind will do. Horus, who has lived in this house nearly his whole life, and helped make the bed innumerable times, recently decided that a folded bed sheet was the Scariest Thing Ever.
"helped" make the bed? *g*
Well, he seems to consider it 'help'... :-)
Eleven miles is an admirable effort! I'm recovering from pneumonia and just getting back to the five/six mile distance.

"Virtupitude" is an interesting word.
och, pneumonia. :(

Virtupitude is like virtue, but not moral judgement is implied. It's just doing the dumb things you gotta do--clean the house, do your work, exercise, eat something that doesn't come out of a can. *g*

The state of being in touch with the puppethead, as it were. One who exhibits virtupitude may be said to be virtupus. *g* (Yes, it did start life as a typo, but it's a useful term.)