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cops think i'm a drughound but i only have one vice: dirty deep fried chicken and dirty dirty rice

The CEM is more or less dead. I'm just waiting on final comments from one first reader (cough cough) and I can send it back. Also, the draft of "Covenant" is more or less knocked out--the rest of today, after errands, will be devoted to revisions and making it sparkle.

Amazing how getting a huge brainkilling project out of the way makes everything else easier.

So far today I have done laundry, swept, stripped the bed, and cleaned out my email inbox for the first time in months. Virtuposity is mine!

Next week, alas, is all administrivia of the "get the car inspected and registered/pay taxes/hold a book sale variety." Which is, not to bury the lede, your clue that I am indeed holding a book sale next week! Piles of author copies cluttering up the place, and as many as possible MUST GO. This is your chance to get a signed and personalized copy at cover price plus S&H.

Book sale will be held AT MY LIVEJOURNAL ( the same way we always do.

Also, hey look, the latest installment in the Hugo-nominated, Audie-winning METAtropolis audio-anthology series--METAtropolis III (Green Spaces)--has a pub date! (10/15, if you hate to click.)

It's got stories by Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, Karl Schroeder, Seanan McGuire, Tobias S. Buckell, Mary Robinette Kowal, and, er, me.

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