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bear by san

March 2017



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and now, sweet, sweet listeners... the weather.

American Elsewhere, "Welcome to Night Vale," Gravity Falls.



Not previously familiar with, awesome, and desperately awaiting its arrival on Netflix.
I just listened to all of the available Night Vale podcasts after it showed up a couple of times on my LJ f-list. I'm enjoying it as the sort of semi-linear (?) story telling that they used to fill in the zombie outbreak backstory at the beginning of Shawn of the Dead but I also find it a rather chilling sidelong commentary on current events.
Yeah. I just started listening, because of tumblr mostly, and... I want some of the plot threads to be resolved, but the political satire... whoa.
I've never seen Gravity Falls, but when I was reading American Elsewhere for Readercon, I thought: "Man, this is like Night Vale, except that they eventually explain everything and it isn't quite as funny, probably because it's not meant to be perpetually open-ended." I also thought Night Vale won in terms of queer representation, mainly because nobody in Night Vale has thus far appeared to be killed "for" being queer. (I say "appeared" because I'm pretty sure the American Elsewhere characters would have died even if they were straight, but some people may see a pattern there.)
Been listening to Night Vale on recommendation of a friend. I LOVE it, I've always preferred to add my own visuals.
I've been really enjoying Night Vale. I love the community radio format (my Dad listened to NPR and Prairie Home Companion a lot), and macabre humour. It reminds me of Charles Addams cartoons, which I adore. As someone mentioned above, the political/social commentary is *brilliant*. I especially enjoyed the Dessert Bluffs crossover on that front.

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I took a look at a clip from Gravity Falls, and I don't do that kind of animated cartoon, sorry.
However, I just saw this fantastically detailed map somebody did of Night Vale on Tumblr, which looks intriguing, and I think I'll give it a listen when I have some time. I've also already got "America Elsewhere" in my Amazon cart to get for my Kindle next payday.
Unknown but rec appreciated; freaking brilliant and great fun to listen to; and waiting for more episodes to arrive on iTunes because I love Mabel THIS MUCH. *stretches arms out on either side of her*
MABEL! Indeed.

I love the fact that the female characters in that show get as much focus as the males. It makes me happy.
I subscribe to WtNV. Are the others podcasts as well? If not I am unlikely to read/watch/hear them.
Book and a cartoon, respectively. They share an aesthetic.
Oh right thanks for explaining. I was confused because your third link takes me to "http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-channel/" which did not look at all relevant. Maybe because I am in the UK. ;-p

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Oh, boo, Disney. :-P