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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

i did my tour did my duty. i did all they asked of me.

So, here's the problem:

I'm in danger of being eaten alive by author copies, which means it's time to move as many as possible from my shelves to your shelves! (Also, the next couple of weeks promise to be expensive, with car-related expenses, and I don't get paid again until October or November. So. The writer's life! Feed my dog and increase my storage space before the author copies of One Eyed Jack and Book of Iron get here!)

This will be the only book sale of 2013. It will run at least through midnight EDT next Monday, 8/19/2013, and possibly longer. Get books now or wait for next year!

All books are signed and personalized. !!!!!Handling, packaging, and shipping within the USA is included in the listed price of the books!!!!!

I sell at cover price rounded up (I'm claiming that damned penny) plus $5.00 for mass market paperbacks/$7.00 trade paperbacks and trade hardcovers within the US.

For international shipping, please add an additional $10.00 per book to the listed price. So if the book is listed for $13.00 including shipping, the international total is $23.00. Yes, international shipping has gone up. I'm sorry.

There are one or two items listed that will sell for more than cover price, because they are OOP or otherwise rare, and I need the money.

To purchase a book or set of books, please comment on this entry with your name and the books you would like to reserve, and the total you expect to pay.

If I am shipping outside of the United States of America, please mention that when you comment.

Because I have limited quantities of each title, this is strictly first come, first served. When these are gone, they're gone: I don't restock, so if you see something you want... dive on it.

I will comment to let you know your order has been received and that stock is available, and to confirm your math.

The paypal address for money is matociquala at gmail dot com. Please wait for my comment before sending money.

When paying, please include your real name, your lj name, a list of what you have purchased, how you would like the book personalized, and your shipping address in the comments section of the Paypal form.

Otherwise it sometimes gets tricky to match up spikeluvr69 with Bob Jones, you know what I mean?

Yes, I only take Paypal. Sorry about that.


MMPB = mass market paperback
TPB = trade paperback (large format paperback)
THC = trade hardcover
LEHC = limited edition hardcover
CB = chapbook
M = magazine
A = anthology
OOP = Out of Print


Shoggoths in Bloom: TPB 1st edition (20 available), $23

Promethean Age:
Blood & Iron: TPB 1st edition, OOP (9 available) $23
Blood & Iron: MMPB, OOP (20 available) (Roc found a box of these in a basement somewhere, and sent them on.) $13

Whiskey & Water: MMPB  (11 available) $13

Ink & Steel: MMPB, OOP (4 available) $13

Hell & Earth: TPB 1st edition, OOP (6 available) (We dug up a few extra copies from somewhere) $23
Hell & Earth: MMPB (4 available) $13

Edda of Burdens

All the Windwracked Stars 1st ed. THC OOP (20 copies available) $33
All the Windwracked Stars MMPB (12 copies available) $13

By the Mountain Bound MMPB (21 copies available) $13

The Sea Thy Mistress 1st ed. THC OOP (4 copies available) $33
The Sea Thy Mistress MMPB (30 copies available) $13

New Amsterdam:

New Amsterdam 1st ed. LEHC w/CB OOP (1 copy available) $123
The White City 1st edition THC (10 copies available) $32
ad eternum 1st edition THC (19 copies available) $32
ad eternum 1st edition LETHC with CB novelette "Underground" (4 copies available) $53

I also have one (1) copies of the Tricks of London chapbook, which features a novella about Detective Crown Investigator Abigail Irene Garrett in her early days. (This has been reprinted in the ebook Garrett Investigates, but this is the only way to get a hard copy other than with the Seven for a Secret limited edition. I'm selling that one for ten bucks plus five dollars shipping, for a grand total of $15.00.

Jacob's Ladder
Grail 1st ed. MMPB (10 copies available) $13

A Companion to Wolves MMPB (6 copies available) $13

The Tempering of Men 1st ed. THC OOP (10 copies available) $33
The Tempering of Men MMPB (16 copies available) $13

Eternal Sky world:

Range of Ghosts THC 1st Edition (4 copies available) $33
Range of Ghosts TPB (13 copies available) $23

(This is a good chance to get your hands on signed/personalized first editions of All the Windwracked Stars, The Tempering of Men, and Range of Ghosts in hardcover at cover price (plus shipping). Normally I'd be hanging on to them for eventual "My dog needs major surgery" panic EBaying... but I have *got* to do something about that book shelf.)

Anthologies, collections, random weirdness:

Rich Horton ed. Year's Best F&SF 2009 TPB (1 copy available) $27
Jonathan Strahan ed. Year's Best SF&F 2009 TPB (1 copy available) $27
Rich Horton & Sean Wallace, ed. Robots, the recent A.I. (1 copy available) $24
Ross E. Lockhart, ed. The Book of Cthulhu (1 copy available) $24
Paula Guran, ed. New Cthulhu: the recent weird (3 copies available) $24

Chill unabridged audiobook on CD: 1 set available: $60
Range of Ghosts unabridged audiobook on CD: 1 set available: $60
Shattered Pillars unabridged audiobook on CD: 1 set available: $60

To sweeten the pot, everybody who buys something will either get an ARC or a MMPB copy of Blood and Iron thrown in for free. I can't guarantee WHAT ARC you will get, but you can certainly make requests, and I will be happy to sign and personalize. They make great gateway drugs for friends... I mean, gifts. Gifts.

Seriously! Help me get rid of some of this stuff!


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I'd like a MMPB of The Tempering of Men. And if it applies to the purchase and is possible, a MMPB copy of Blood and Iron for the gift.

I expect to pay $13 + $10 = $23 (shipping to Canada). Not sure if the shipping is $10 or $20, counting the gift (?), maybe it should be $33?
I pay shipping on the gifts. *g*

$23.00 it is.
All yours!

I'll take..

One of each of the Promethean Age books in MMPB (13X4)
One of each of the Edda of Burdens in MMPB (13x3)

That should work out to 13x7 or $91 if I have my math right.

Re: I'll take..

Your math is good!
I should have TPB copies, if nothing else. Where do you live? Because I am going to be all the heck over the country this year and next, and I'd cheerfully sign one in person.

(also, confirming your math.)
E. Bercegeay

Ink & Steel MMPB
Hell & Earth TPB


(Apologies if I doubleposted.)
Yours! No double post.

Shoggoths in Bloom

I'd like one of those, please! $23


Re: Shoggoths in Bloom

Reserved for you.


I'm Teresa and I'd love a copy of 'Ad Eternum' (1st edition with CB) and a 'Shoggoths in Bloom' because squee. I live in BC so that's an estimated $96. Happy BirthChristmasday to me!

Re: Squee!

Thank you thank you!
ooh ooh ooh.
The Tempering of Men MMPB and Range of Ghosts TPB, please. Which I believe is $36?
Yes. Thank you!
I'll take a MMPB of All the Windwracked Stars and a TPB of Range of Ghosts. I'm in MA so I think that's $36.

I am moving Sept 1 (still in MA though); should I give you my August address or my September address?
Yours! And August--They'll go out before Worldcon.

Book purchase, please

Can I grab a 1st Edition Hell & Earth, and The Tricks of London, please?

Total, shipped to USA: $23 + $15 = $38

Re: Book purchase, please

They're yours! Thank you!
I'm Ashley -
I'd like Shoggoths in Bloom, TPB
Grail, MMPB

If my math is right, which is by no means guaranteed, that's $36?
It is, and they're saved for you.

I'd love to complete the set, so if you still have MMPBs of By the Mountain Bound and The Sea Thy Mistress, that would rock. $13 each, shipping to MA, so a total of $26?

(Eek, almost forgot to add my name: Lauren Roy)
Got it!
Can I get a TPB of Shoggoths in Bloom and a TPB of Blood & Iron? That should come to $46 if I got the math right (and I'm not too slow!).

edit: I'm Sophia V!

Edited at 2013-08-11 10:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

I would like the following if still available :

1 x All the Windwracked Stars 1st ed. THC $33
1 x The Sea Thy Mistress 1st ed. THC $33
1 x Range of Ghosts THC 1st Edition $33
Postage $30
Total $129

I'm down in New Zealand, so international, and the name is Frank or Frankie.
Is that a Grimjack reference in your lj handle?

And they are yours.
I'd like a full set of Edda of Burdens MMPBs, if you please.

So: 1 All the Windwracked Stars MMPB at $13, 1 By the Mountain Bound MMPB at $13, and 1 The Sea Thy Mistress MMPB at $13. That's $39, if my math is right.

Thank you kindly!
You are a hero of the revolution. ;-)
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