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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds boom

i hate everything. i hate everything. i hate everything. i hate.

Today, I survived the unholy embrace of the DMV, and it only took two trips to get my car registered and my license transferred. (I was sent back scavenging for some missing paperwork. N.B., if you ever have to register a car in Massachusetts, they want some arcane form from your insurance company: normal proof of insurance just will not do. And it turned out my title was exactly where I had already looked for it three times--right where it ought to be--even though I hadn't touched it since 2007. It was hiding between some old tax returns and laughing at me.)

QUEST COMPLETED: MassDOT. Achievement unlocked: car registration and MA plates. Achievement unlocked: EZ PASS. Achievement unlocked: driver's license transferred and renewed.

Reward: chocolate and brandy. And a nice cup of green tea.


And I put the new plates on my car. Which would have been easier if some nimrod at the dealership hadn't decided to affix the front one with non-rustproof hex bolts in two different sizes.

I took it off with pliers, a hex wrench, a screwdriver, and a pair of dikes.

I won't tell you how I got the new one on, but hypothetically speaking, it's a real pain in the ass getting epoxy out of your hair.

In other news, it is a gorgeous September evening out there--so nice the dog got twice as long of a walk as I planned. Almost makes up for having August all June and July.


There are a lot of things I like about Massachusetts. The Registry of Motor Vehicles...not on that list.
Both of the RMV employees I dealt with were fabulous, and I will be writing a note of commendation to their supervisor. Their rulebooks... on the other hand.

Still, it was better than Vegas. #PTSD
Yep, they've got some pretty good people in a remarkably screwed-up system. (Of course, I sometimes think there's a secret codicil to the Constitution, mandating screwed-up RMVs nationwide.)

At least you didn't have to go through my veteran's plates adventure.
Oh goody. I really need to go get my license transferred sometime this month, because it expires next month. I should plan to take the day off, it sounds like.

(Also, I really still can't get over the image of the GRD with an exclamation mark over his head and a stuffed hedgehog in his mouth. It's excellent.)
The license wasn't bad at all (half an hour), and the Southbridge office is great, if you can find it. (Nobody can, so it's not busy.) Just be aware that you need THREE FORMS OF ID, and they all have to be different: I used my old DL, my passport to prove place of birth, and a checkbook to prove my new address.

They will also take a social security card for #2, and a bill for #3.

It was the car registration that was hoops and hoops to jump through. You need to fill out a form attesting that the car was not bought recently in MA so you don't owe sales tax, and you need a specific form stamped and signed by your insurance agent or company for proof of insurance--not just a proof of insurance card or letter.

Best picture of the GRD.
Picture of Giant Ridiculous Dog (R) for the win! It's been far too long since we've seen your Giant Ridiculous Dog (R). Look at THAT FACE! THOSE EARS! Must post more pics of same.

Giant Ridiculous Dog (R) matociquala, 2013

Edited at 2013-08-15 01:34 pm (UTC)
There were some pics on tumblr recently. The internet is just too big.
You're the third person this week who has referred me to Tumblr. Tumblr joined. Achievement unlocked? ::sigh:: (Look for me as JESilverstein.)
Yes. We had to replace the title to a car last year...
Have some of this brandy. I tried it out and it works.

Edited at 2013-08-15 03:04 pm (UTC)
Sadly, the state of Maryland would not allow me to pass the safety inspection needed to bring by car in-state with the front plate wired to the grill. (I bought it in PA, where they only required one plate.)
I got personalized plates on my car and after the experience of removing the existing plates, I am glad that personalized plates are permanent until you change your mind. Because, yeah. Mine took pliers, a socket wrench, and a hammer to get the damn bolts off. Like yours, non-matching and non-rust-proof.
Who DOES that?
The worst part was that I bought the car from a dealer, who had taken it as a trade-in, and the previous owner had custom plates so these were NEW plates to the car to start with and they had NO EXCUSE, being a DEALER, to not have the proper bibs and bobs to attach a license plate with. I mean, really.

They closed the local government service center that was local to work last year due to budget cuts. I haz a sad, because it was never horribly busy and the counter people had intelligence. *sigh*
Yeah, somebody at a dealership put my old plates on too.

Oh, the MA DMV! When I moved to Indiana for a while, I missed a number of things about Massachusetts - but the DMV (or BMV) there was a surprising and delightfully easy place to navigate.

I'll still take the MA DMV for the other plusses here, though. :)
North Carolina, where my dad lives, has a great one. And basically no inspections or other hoops to jump through.

Las Vegas was *awful*, despite the general lack of hoops, because of being completely over capacity.

Connecticut is... well, not too bad, but the inspections are really tough.
My first experience with the Mass DMV was enough to make me want to move right back to NH. I don't understand why it takes SIX MONTHS to get vanity plates made.

Subsequent trips have not been nearly as bad, thank dog.
And my car passed inspection. So I am legal for a year!