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bear by san

March 2017



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skin i been through dies behind me


(Photo credit Andrew Williams, via flickr)

The SF Squeecast has won its second and final Hugo*! I don't think I could be more pleased, quite frankly. Thank you, fandom, for justifying the underpinnings required by that dress... not to mention what I went through packing it. ;-)

Worldcon was insanely busy and stressful but also awesome in many ways. Thank you, San Antonio, for chili verde enchiladas and prickly pear margaritas and the blessed shade of the Riverwalk. Congratulations to all the other winners, condolulations to the nominated (there really are no losers here), and remind me never, ever, ever to accept a 9 pm Friday panel at a Worldcon again.

In other news, I'm afraid that publication of One-Eyed Jack is going to be delayed until next year, for reasons beyond the control of Prime Books or me. Further updates as I know what the new timeline is. I'm really sorry for everybody. I know some of you have been waiting for this book for a very long time indeed.

Now I'm at scott_lynch's place in Wisconsin, and we are both about to submerge into a deep dark tunnel of book writing.

*we have recused ourselves from further consideration in the Fancast category.


Huzzah for the squeecast! Y'all rock.

Also, I am so glad you had a good time in the land of my birth. I do not miss living in San Antonio, but there are things about it which I still love and which I always dig when I go down to visit.

Man, I do miss green enchiladas, though. :-)
I wish I'd had more time to see you and Scott, but it was still a great con overall.
Yeah! And I suspect aedifica can make it, too.


You look so fit and strong in that dress. Beautiful!

That's too bad about One-Eyed Jack. Being as I'm one of the ones who's been waiting patiently...but I can continue wait. He'll be worth it.
You guys look stunning. Congratulations on the Hugo!

Congratulations! All the Squeecasters look fantastic.
...but the 9pm panel was actually pretty good! I quite liked the Bear-and-Steve show.
Thank you!

It was fun. But I missed most of an awfully good dinner party to be there. *g* Easy come, easy go...

And thank you for being classy. Squeecast will without doubt remain Hugo-worthy, but I admire y'all for protecting the integrity of the new category, and also for making sure the gates remain open to encourage more wonder podcasting.
Yay! Yes.

They are lovely Hugos. And somebody else should get to have some too.

Squeecast is my favorite workout soundtrack.
Congra rats, brava zulu, and other good stuff like that!

Regarding the deep dark tunnel of book writing: please not to be eaten by grues. Or even having a nasty pirate steal your plot points and hide them in a maze of twisty little paragraphs, all different.

Regarding recusion: I assume we [1] still get to nominate the Squeecast if we can't find enough other worthy podcasts to fill our five nomination slots?

[1] For values of "we" that include "those who can be arsed to submit Hugo nomination ballots", that is.
Oh, sure, you could. But we've announced an intent to refuse future nominations.
Congratulations! You all look fantastic. And cast pod fantastically, so the award is well deserved.


Congrats again. The dress was classy and glamorous, loved it.

Prckly pear margarita? Do you remember where? I've had prickly pear beer at a brewery in town, but not a margarita.

There was a 9PM panel on a Friday night? Whose hare-brained idea was that? I was done by dinnertime.

Re: WorldCon

Two or three different places. Asera, I think was one--I may have the name wrong. On the riverwalk, amazing enchiladas.

And thank you. I think I am declaring that dress an unqualified success. *g*