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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

they picked up guns and hammers

My short story "Form and Void" is now available for free in issue 3 of Fireside.

It's about mean girls and space exploration and Io.

Before she turned into a dragon, Kathy Cutter was Comanche Zariphes’ best friend.

You might say Comanche Zariphes was Kathy Cutter’s only friend.

That wasn’t because nobody wanted to be friends with Kathy Cutter. It was because Kathy Cutter didn’t want to be friends with anybody else.


They can be the same thing.
I guess we defend ourselves because we feel pain, and then other people feel pain and defend themselves, and...


I'm glad you liked it. *g*
Oh, I liked that. Though "like" seems like almost too soft and nice a word, with all those sharp edges in that story.
thank you.
This story really moved me, because I knew a woman like Kathy. She was completely amoral, tortured and driven, with a criminal mind. After living for years in her shadow, I finally walked away. I recently heard she had MS, which made me sad, but then I wondered if she's faking it for access to drugs which makes me sadder still. (This sounds like a blog I should write and not clog up yours!)I really enjoy the image of jeweled dragons soaring over Jupiter's moons. Padparadscha orange?! Who knew?
The fact that Kathy's dad was always buying her gifts. That one comment was a whole back story in itself. I sit in awe.
Dayum, that's some good stuff.

Than you.